Wilgee Civil

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Wilgee Civil

Bridging Traditions, Building Futures.

More than a civil construction and mining entity, Wilgee Civil integrates ancestral Indigenous wisdom with cutting-edge technology to run and deliver flawless projects that durably contribute to community enrichment.

Engraving heritage, Enhancing expertise.

Committed to playing a pivotal role in the advancement of the civil construction and mining industry, Wilgee Civil sought a branding that would enhance its expertise, its dedication to excellence, as well as its Aboriginal heritage. 

In this intend, we integrated Indigenous symbols and artwork into their branding to celebrate its roots and community-focused mission. Representing their core values, the Wilgee Civil’s icon incorporates symbols of women and digging sticks, highlighting its status as an Aboriginal woman-led civil construction and mining company. The choice of colours comes from the literal translation of ‘Wilgee’ in Noongar: “Red Ochre”. It pays homage to the Australian landscapes and mining sites, further solidifying Wilgee Civil’s connection to the land and its role within the industry.