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Build your online business and start selling today.

Bridge the gap between your physical and digital presence and expand your customer base by integrating an eCommerce website with your business. Customise your marketing strategy to fit your audiences specific shopping habits and market directly to your website visitors and customers.

Take your business to the next level with a fully integrated eCommerce website and user-centric approach to deliver outstanding results.

At Cloud Cartel we leverage the power of WooCommerce to design and develop stunning eCommerce websites for a wide range of industries. Working closely with you and your team, we can integrate an eCommerce website into your business to automate your online sales process and be flexible enough for you to manage quickly and efficiently. 

Why Cloud Cartel?

Accelerate growth & optimise profitability

We’ve developed completely customised and scalable eCommerce stores for a variety of industries across Perth, leveraging WooCommerce. The beauty of WooCommerce? It doesn’t charge you a portion of your profits as your business grows.

WooCommerce boasts thousands of extensions available from simple payment integrations and booking systems to complex membership plugins. Manage your online business on the go with the WooCommerce mobile app, which allows you to create products, process orders, and keep an eye on key stats in real-time.

Our eCommerce Process

Your business – without borders

Unlike your physical location, your digital shop front has a global reach with massive potential. A well built eCommerce website can drive revenue for your business well outside your local reach. Our team at Cloud Cartel have the proven experience to incorporate an eCommerce solution to take your business to the next level.  

Setup & Integration

We work with you to define your online shop requirements including; product specifications and input, inventory management payment gateway, shipping options and more. 

Content Management

Whether you have a single product or over a thousand, our team can help you with the upload and management of all of your products and product information.

Payment Gateways

There is a large range of payment gateway options for WooCommerce available to provide payment options for your customers or to work with your internal systems.

Functionality Management

We can help you integrate a huge range of free and premium WooCommerce extensions across logistical, technical, and marketing functions to scale your business offerings.

Order Management

Managing your orders along different phases of the buying process is an important function of your website. Our team can provide the support and training to help you access and edit these functions yourself.

How We Can Help

Sound good? Beyond branding, we can help you create meaningful experiences that builds trust and brand loyalty. Explore more of our services or contact us to talk about your requirements.

Want to know more?

Frequently Asked Questions

An e-commerce website allows individuals to buy or sell goods and services online. Anytime you see a ‘shop our store’ or ‘buy now’ button, you’re visiting an e-commerce site! These sites are growing in popularity as they offer the full shopping experience online, allowing business growth in the digital space.

If you’re looking to set up an e-commerce site to sell your products, we can help with that! We have a variety of package options to suit your needs and budget, ranging from basic ordering forms with a payment gateway all the way through to fully developed shop pages with additional functionality. Just give us a shout if you’re interested in learning more about our e-commerce packages. 

We use the WordPress plugin WooCommerce for our ecommerce sites to completely integrate your online store with your website. WooCommerce is behind 99% of all WordPress stores and offers a variety of features like customer engagement, delivery updates, order tracking and inventory management. If you have a platform preference just let us know and we can accommodate your needs or just quote you based on the best option for your business. 

If you’re looking for ongoing assistance with your ecommerce store, we’re happy to help. Whether that means adding in new products and features or something else, just let us know what changes you’re looking to make and we can quote you accordingly.

Not all businesses require an online store, but for many it can be an advantageous add on. Some reasons you should consider an eCommerce store include:

  • Reach more customers with delivery services
  • Organised database of orders
  • Easier to keep track of large orders
  • Can still operate when store itself is closed (i.e., COVID lockdowns)
  • Orders not dependant on phone or message responsiveness
  • Ability to expand your business and sell more down the line
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