Cloud Cartel’s Guide to Branding for Small Business

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Small businesses depend on their brands to attract customers and achieve long-term profitability, but many are confused about what a brand is and, more importantly, why they should have one.

It’s clear that being a small business is not a disadvantage when it comes to branding. In fact, many larger companies will deliberately position some of the brands in their portfolio as being “small brands” because of the positive associations that customers have with them. Customers like small brands because of their association with uniqueness, eco-friendliness, and quality, among a range of other things.

What Is A Brand?

Although most entrepreneurs understand the importance of branding, many do not fully grasp what a brand actually is. A brand is more than a logo, a theme or a slogan: it’s a way of communicating the story of your company, one that should contain important information about your values and purpose. Customers want to align themselves with brands that they feel reflect their own values, whatever they happen to be.

Effective branding is a tool for gaining customer loyalty and advocacy. When customers believe in what you’re doing and love your products, they instinctively return for more and share their excitement with the people around them. As a consequence, you gain new customers for free through word-of-mouth.

How To Build A Brand

Brand development can be a complicated process, but by using the following principles, you can get on the road to a fabulous, instantly-recognisable corporate image.

Create A Story

Customers not only want to know what you sell but why you’re selling it. The best brands give customers something that they can believe in, whether it’s a noble purpose, a desire to do something different from the competition or to improve people’s lives.

Be Bold And Follow Your Beliefs

Firms rarely achieve greatness through timidity. Instead, they boldly go out into the world and stand up for what they believe in. Companies that can do this generate an air of authenticity, demanding respect from customers, even those who may not believe in their core mission.

Stop Repeating Yourself

Although repetition can help cement ideas in customers’ heads, it can also get boring. Ideally, you want to create marketing content – especially digital content – which reflects your values but from different angles.

Create Long-Term Relationships With Customers

It’s much easier to retain and sell to an existing customer than it is to find a new one. The longer you keep a customer, the greater the trust, and the more likely they are to advocate your business to other people.

Stop Mimicking The Big Brands

If you’re branding in Perth, then there’s a lot of competition from established companies. Rather than go toe-to-toe with them and mimic their marketing approaches, do something different. Customers are looking for companies that can stand on their own as unique offerings, giving them something that they want. Independent brands often seem more authentic and bespoke than those of the larger chains.

The future of branding is personal and authentic. As customers become more savvy, branding needs to mature.


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Cloud Cartel Top 5: Why every small business needs a website

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How important is having a website to you? If you’re a small business owner you may not immediately see the value in it, or you’re too busy with your day to day operations to even consider having one. Perhaps you think you can’t afford it? The fact is, these days you can’t afford not to!


Not having an online presence spells a lost business opportunity and only opens the door wider for your competitors – who do have a website, to steer potential leads or customers their way. Think of the Internet as a phone book. People don’t just shop online, they also use it to research services and products, which is why having a website is essential for any type of business. In fact, we’d go as far to say it should be your #1 marketing tool. We could list endless reasons why you should have a professionally designed website, but here are 5 key thought starters for why you shouldn’t overlook developing a website or a new website design in 2018:


1.  Make an Impression

What does your website say about you? A business card will only go so far, but an engaging and mobile friendly website design says it all. These days consumers expect businesses to have a website, increasingly one which supports mobile devices. And what they see initially will determine whether or not they want to connect with you further.

A visually appealing website with captivating images and video content goes a long way. In fact, 89% of consumers agree attractive images on a site influences their purchasing decision. To sum it up – first impressions count!

2.  Reach new customers

Promoting your business online allows virtually anyone to interact and engage with your brand, allowing you to stay competitive. A professionally designed, SEO friendly website will boost your chances of being seen in Google search results. And with 81% of shoppers using Google to research products and services online, prior to making a decision or purchase, you’d want to make sure you’re getting a piece of the pie.

Compare that to placing a newspaper ad or printed brochure production, and you’ll soon discover your website is a very cost effective way to promote your business.

3.  Improved customer service

The content on your website can provide customers with answers to questions they are seeking. It gives them another way to contact you, and allows you a quick and easy means of sharing information about your business, new products, promotions, events, FAQs and tips – the list goes on! You’ll also gain more credibility for your business and grow your brand.

4.  Open 24/7, 365 days a year

Having a website means you’re always accessible, especially if your business can sell products online. An ecommerce site offers customers a means of shopping at a time convenient to them, and they’re not bound by your geographical location.


5.  Save money

Creating a professional looking website isn’t as expensive as it once was. And with the ability to easily edit your own content through platforms such as WordPress – you don’t need a technical guru to do it for you. Compare that to placing a newspaper ad or printed brochure production, and you’ll soon discover your website is a very cost effective way to promote your business.



Are you looking to develop a website or perhaps it’s time for a refresh? Get in touch with Perth’s best website design team today.

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How the cookie got its crunch: The power of a strong brand identity

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If you’re a small business owner you may think branding is only for big businesses with big budgets. Wrong. A strong brand identity can make your business (big or small) stand out and create a unique impression on all who lay eyes on you.

Why bother with brand development?

You care about the reputation of your business right? Branding is all about the impression you create. It’s what you stand for and what makes you so special from the competition. Through your brand, people establish an emotional connection. The way you look, the way you sound in person and in your marketing, what people say about you – good or bad, these things all play a part in how effective your branding is.

Brand building blocks

A strong visual identity is the backbone to your brand. Many small businesses have mediocre logos and don’t spend time creating the face of their business. If you get your logo right you’re well on your way, but brand development isn’t just about your logo. Yes, pretty visuals will attract attention, but you also need a strong brand voice to complement it. What is your persona and what kind of messages will you communicate? Once you’ve clearly defined your brand you can apply your values across all your business touch points. The result – a picture perfect brand identity that will help your business grow.

Get Chunky Logo

Brand Spotlight – Get Chunky

At Cloud Cartel, we’ve helped countless of small businesses launch successful brands, none more so than Perth’s most delectable New York style cookie joint – Get Chunky.

Within less than 6 months, this home based cookie company went from selling their product at a small market stall at Fremantle Markets, to recently opening a store in Mt Lawley, including a pop up cookie cart at Westfield Whitford City. The secret to their success and foodie media frenzy? It all began with a big idea that came alive through carefully crafted branding.

Following extensive market research, we went about establishing the brand positioning, personality, all of the creative elements and messaging to tell the Get Chunky story in its own unique way.

With a strong brand identity in place, Get Chunky was launched via social media at Freo markets and became such a hit they were selling out within 2 hours. Fast forward to their new permanent home in Mt Lawley – business is booming and brand awareness is at an all time high.

To find out more about the Get Chunky brand story and how brand development can benefit your business, give the brand gurus at Cloud Cartel a hola!

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