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Keeping your site safe and fully functional on a day-to-day basis.

We understand how difficult trying to set up a website can be. With so many providers around, who do you choose? With our local connections, you can count on Cloud Cartel to take the headache out of hosting and backup maintenance so you can have peace of mind. 

We understand that if something goes wrong you want quick and efficient local technical support to sort out any issues and minimise any website downtime.

Our Local Hosting services are built on quality, Australian based servers that provide reliability, speed, and efficiency. We know you want a site that loads fast with supercharged performance, and is safe and secure.

We’re here to provide high-quality support and website maintenance – rest assured you’ll never have to deal with an overseas call centre. That’s what we do.

Why Cloud Cartel?

Reliable local support

It may seem like an afterthought, but where and how you host your website is crucial to your site’s performance. Worried about your web presence? We’ll take care of the complicated stuff so you don’t have to!

Creating a website takes more than just hitting publish – you’ll also need to acquire and manage a domain. At Cloud Cartel, we’re able to purchase domain names as well as provide ongoing website hosting and technical support. Our hosting services ensure safety and security when it comes to your business’ online presence.

Our Hosting Process

Australian Based Hosting

Our web hosting plans are ideal for your business website. With great speeds and technical support from our 100% Australian-based team, you can ensure the best possible uptime, performance and automatic defense from cyber attacks.

SSL Certificates

Improve your customer’s confidence and boost your SEO ranking utilising SSL certificates that keep your customer’s personal information and sensitive data secure.

SSD Storage

Your websites files and database will be securely stored on our enterprise level SAS SSD storage which is lightning fast, incredibly reliable and scalable based on your requirements. 

Daily Backups

Rest assured knowing that your website will be backed up every hour to a secondary server using state-of-the-art backup software ensuring your website is in safe hands. 

Multi-Layered Security

Leveraging the industry’s highest threat protection and SSL inspection performance to protect from malware attacks automatically and in real-time.

Website Migration

Migrating your website doesn’t need to be a difficult task and our team ensure the process is quick and easy. Let our team handle the heavy lifting so you can get back to business sooner.

How We Can Help

Sound good? Beyond branding, we can help you create meaningful experiences that builds trust and brand loyalty. Explore more of our services or contact us to talk about your requirements.

Want to know more?

Frequently Asked Questions

Hosting provides storage space for your website’s files, making them available for online viewing. Every website you’ve ever clicked on is hosted on a server, as both web hosting and a domain name are a requirement for all sites. To put it another way, hosting is the process of renting a space to house your website.

An SSL (secure sockets layer) digital certificate authenticates the identity of a website and encrypts sensitive information like passwords or credit card information, also changing the web address from HTTP to HTTPS. Browsers often mark HTTP sites as ‘not secure’, so having an SSL certificate keeps user data safe – the lock symbol in the search bar signifies that users can trust the website. 

We’re big believers in backing up web files, as having a solid backup of your data can reverse problems from updates, protect against hacking or malware and more. At Cloud Cartel, we use Acronis, an all-in-one cyber protection service that provides award-winning data protection solutions. 

We don’t do rigid lock in contracts, but generally advise upfront payments for the year, as one large payment means you can pay and forget. Rather than having to pay a small invoice every month, it’s actually easier to pay for the service you’ll 100% need, at the start of each yearly period. If this is definitely not an option for you, let us know and we can discuss alternative solutions.

Right here in Australia! Managed by Cloud Cartel, your website hosting is in good hands, with top speeds and quality technical support. If you’re looking to secure a domain name or secure web hosting, you’ve come to the right place.

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