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Developing a strong online presence, while connecting with your customers.

Over 20.5 million Australians are active users on social media – that’s 80% of the population! Based on this alone, it’s safe to say that your audience is on social media, as are your competitors. 

Successful social media is built on the relationship between a business and their customers. We'll help you build authentic relationships with both current and potential audiences.

Utilising social media as a business tool can increase brand awareness, develop brand identity and improve customer relationships. With access to tools that allow the creation of targeted audiences, we can publish and promote your content where your key customers are most likely to see it.

Using a combination of organic posts and paid advertising, Cloud Cartel can help you achieve your social media marketing goals.

Why Cloud Cartel?

Spread the word about your business.

At Cloud Cartel we offer both organic and paid social media advertising services, to target both current and potential customers. With a variety of packages tailored to suit your needs, we know what it takes to optimise your business’ social media presence.

The more we post, the more data we can utilise. Insights from social media give us valuable information on your target audiences’ likes, dislikes and interests, which in turn let us refine our overall strategy for optimised performance. 

Take your digital to the next level

Leveraging the digital landscape

Our Social Media Process

Engage with your audience

Stay front of mind and develop your brand voice with our social media services. With several packages designs to complement your social media needs, we combine strategic planning, content generation, community engagement and paid advertising to maximise your reach.

Strategy & Audit

Not sure what you’re doing wrong or right? We’ll sit down with you to discuss your social media goals, what we need from you and how we’ll take your business to the next level across a variety of platforms.

Campaign Development

Looking to advertise on social media? We’ll help you develop dynamic campaigns that reach the right people through strategic targeting and compelling creative.


Our scheduling services reduce your social media workload substantially – you’ll no longer have to worry about writing the perfect caption, finding the perfect photo or wonder if you’re using hashtags correctly.


Create a lasting impression with professional, high-quality images. Collaborating with various talented photographers, we can develop a versatile image library to be used across social media, digital marketing and more.

Reporting & Insights

Discover the impact of our social media strategies through data driven results, presented in full report format, and broken down into actionable next steps.

How We Can Help

Sound good? Beyond branding, we can help you create meaningful experiences that builds trust and brand loyalty. Explore more of our services or contact us to talk about your requirements.

Want to know more?

Frequently Asked Questions

We sure can! Our social media services are here to make your life easier – all we need from you is access to your social profiles, an image library and your approval of the proposed schedule each month. If you’re not sure you have enough images, we also provide photography services!

Our social media services come in 3 tiers – basic, standard and premium, with varying prices and inclusions to suit your needs. If you’re interested in learning more, let us know and we’ll send through our detailed brochure.

The cost of running ads really depends on your budget and goals – if you’re not sure about these factors, we can advise you on both. There are also a variety of factors that can influence cost such as the locations and demographics you’re targeting as well as the time of day/week and what industry you’re in. But don’t worry! Once we’ve set your budget, the software we use works to optimise your ad spend so you’ll never overspend.

There are a multitude of reasons why social media advertising is invaluable – we’ve listed just a few below:

  • You can improve your reach: with social media ads targeting users based on their demographic behaviour, potential customers can discover your business based on their needs.
  • You can target and retarget your customers: with social media advertising, you have the opportunity to target specific audiences previously or potentially interested in your products/services rather than wasting money on appealing to random customers. 
  • You have more insight into your customers: having access to data breakdowns and performance metrics can help you better understand what your customers respond to and optimise your future campaigns. 
  • Your customers are already on social media: what better way to increase your brand awareness and customer loyalty than appealing to them on a platform they use consistently 
  • Your competition is already on social media: if similar companies are already active and advertising on social media, you might miss out on some valuable clients.

Social media is an important part of building your business but can also be extremely time consuming. By using services like ours, you can cut down on all the extra time you’d spend thinking of captions or trying to find a photo to use. We can help you create consistent, on-brand and engaging content while still expanding your audience.

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