8 Reasons Why You Should Design a Website Using WordPress

What’s so good about WordPress? Just ask the millions upon millions of people who run their business website on this platform. As the most popular content management system (CMS) on the planet, it’s not hard to see why WordPress powers over a quarter of all websites on the Internet. So let’s delve into why.

If you’re looking to design a new website for your small business, here are our top reasons why you should consider a WordPress website design.


These days WordPress is more than just a blog. Whether you’re after a business website, eCommerce site (online store) or a personal blog, you can create any kind of website you want. How is this possible? WordPress is open source software, which means it’s freely available and can be modified, enhanced and redistributed by anyone with the knowledge and capabilities to do so.

Endless functionality

With access to an unlimited source of plugins and extensions, you can ensure a WordPress site will cover off your entire website wish list. Want to easily integrate video or other forms of multimedia on your site? Done. Want users to interact on your site through social media? No problems. WordPress can handle it all.

Search engine friendly

WordPress sites tend to rank better in Google over other websites because the platform makes it easy to manage the fundamentals of search engine optimisation (SEO). The CMS is built on a framework that is easily understood by search engines, and it comes with standard features that assist you with your on-page SEO. Plugins such as Yoast SEO can also help boost your SEO efforts.


A responsive site is a good site – we all know that by now right? With mobile browsing on the up and up, having a website design that is optimised for mobile is essential. WordPress accommodates this with all of its modern themes supporting responsive designs. This means your site will automatically adjust to enhance the user experience no matter what the device.


If you want to take a hands-on approach to running your website, then WordPress makes content management easy. If you know how to use a text editor such as Microsoft Word, you’ll have no trouble managing your website. The CMS has been designed to make it easy to edit existing content, create new pages and publish content without any coding experience necessary.

Quick to load

Assuming your site is configured properly, you can expect speedy load times for your WordPress website. A quick site load can make all the difference between someone staying or leaving, and making that all-important conversion you’re after.

Troubleshooting and support

The WordPress community has a massive following of users and developers all supporting each other to provide solutions to their website issues. There are numerous dedicated forums that exist, where you can post questions and get advice and feedback to help you on your merry way.


Because WordPress is open source, it is constantly improving and moving forward with technology. From developing new features, plugins and customisable elements, your site can continue to evolve along with your business

Convinced yet? At Cloud Cartel, we have loads of experience designing and developing WordPress sites. Check out some of the recent work we’ve done for our amigos here.

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