Single page or multi page website design – which is right for your business?

First impressions count. And so does a well designed website. With so many different design options out there, it pays to have a thought out digital strategy in place to help determine the best solution for you.

Which leads us to single page and multi page designs. It’s a major consideration when designing a website so, which is right for your business? Here are a few triggers for deciding the best route to take.

What is the difference between single page and multi page designs?

Sometimes also referred to as a pageless design, a single page site utilises – you guessed it just a single HTML page to render content and functionality. The content is divided into sections and made accessible by scrolling up and down the page. On the flip side, multi page sites display content across multiple pages that is broken down into a more complex menu.

Benefits of a single page website design

Simplified navigation and design

Providing just a linear experience makes for a more simplified journey. Because the navigation is straightforward, you’re controlling where users go and what they see, avoiding the likelihood of being driven off to another page on your site, that may or may not be relevant to them.

Improves user engagement

We all know you only have a few seconds to capture someone’s attention when they land on your site. The average user will only stay on a web page for 15 seconds, so the quicker you can get your message across and hold their interest the better – and a single page site enables this.

Logical flow of content

Storytelling becomes easier with a single page. You’re providing the user with the order you would like them to consume your content, and your call to action becomes very clear. The catch here is, not to overload your site with too much content, as that will have the opposite affect in promoting a positive user experience.

Great for mobile devices

Yes multi page sites are responsive these days, but when you compare it to a single page design, the viewing experience on mobile will be better. It’s always going to be harder to make a more complex site work perfectly on mobile. The scrolling nature of a single page site makes it ideal for mobile users too.

Easy to maintain

Websites in general are easy to maintain these days using content management systems such as WordPress, but by condensing your content to just one page, the process becomes even easier.

Benefits of a multi page website design<

Ideal for complex web projects

Businesses that are ecommerce driven, have a broad range of content and lots to say, or require enhanced functionality, work best in a multi page format.

As we already touched on, trying to cram too much content on a single page creates a poor user experience, and won’t do the user any favours to locate the information they’re after.

SEO friendly

If search engine rankings are a priority for you, then it’s a lot easier to reach your goals with a multi page site. They usually rank higher than single page sites because they can utilise various keywords, which are optimised for each specific page. Having less content on a single page site does make it easier to maintain, but your SEO may suffer as a result.

More to share

It’s hard to share something if all of your content sits on the one page, but with multiple pages your marketing and sharing capabilities are greater. With a multi page site there are no limitations as to how much content – images, videos or blog articles and so on you include.
Trying to add too much content on a single page site will also impact your page loading time, so if you have lots to say, often – stick with multiple pages.

Better analytics

More pages mean more insights. Analytics are a great source for gaining understanding on how well your website is performing – what’s working or what’s causing users to leave. With a single page site all you really see is how many visitors you’re attracting and how long they stay on the page for.

There’s no right or wrong approach to choosing a design, what’s important is understanding the purpose of your site and how you intend to use it. Grasp this and it will become clear the type of website you should design.

Need to design a new website? Speak to one of our expert digital consultants right here in Perth to get started.



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