5 top tips to enhance your digital marketing

You’ve got a mobile friendly website, your SEO strategy is coming along, socially you’re present and your paid advertising is gaining momentum. Things are looking pretty good from a digital marketing perspective. But they could always be better.

Our savvy digital consultants are always looking at ways to enhance their clients’ online presence. Here are 5 simple things you could be doing right now to improve and support your digital marketing strategy. And in the words of Woody from Toy Story ‘If you don’t have one – get one!’.

1. Put yourself in the customers’ shoes

It’s all good and well to review your analytics each month – that’s important, but another way you can identify areas of improvement is to take the customer journey yourself.

Pretend you’re visiting your website or social media channel for the first time, and try to find ways that may hinder your overall experience. If you find it too hard to put the customer hat on, get someone else to do it and observe their user experience.

2. Review your landing pages

When you send users to a landing page you better make sure they’re getting what they’re after. Taking the time to tweak your landing pages will improve your conversions rates. Things to consider include checking your page load times, refreshing your content to ensure it is relevant and engaging, reviewing your format or layout and making sure you have clear call to actions.

3. Produce regular content

Creating fresh content in the form of a blog, video content or infographics helps keep you relevant, improves your SEO, boosts your brand awareness and provides a source of shareable content for your social media channels.

4. Check out the competition

It’s always good to take a look at your competitors every once in awhile and see what they’re up to. It provides a benchmark against what you’re doing, and can spur new ideas for your own digital marketing efforts, to give you the competitive edge.

5. Take advantage of social proof

If you have an ecommerce site, then make the most of social proof through customer reviews or what customers capture visually through social media. Consumers trust online reviews when making purchasing decisions, so sharing what others have to say about your products goes a long way. And the beauty of it is it’s content that has already been created for you.

Just taking on one or two of these tips will make a difference to growing your online presence. Share some of your tips with us!

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