The Importance of SEO in Web Design

The situation

You need a website and you want to get it up fast. Your digital consultant has recommended integrating SEO into your overall website design. But instead you decide to leave it out of scope for now, because it’s going to delay your site going live. Right move or wrong move?

Cloud Cartel’s perspective

Sure leaving SEO out while designing your website means it gets produced quicker, but at what cost? Spending a little bit of extra time getting it right from the start, will actually save you more dollars and time in the long run.

Here’s why.

Did you know 50% of website traffic comes from organic search?

It’s a no brainer that SEO affects the level of web traffic to your site. A well designed website that is SEO friendly, will generate the leads and sales – that lets face it – is what you’re after in the first place. Having a nice looking website is great, but what good is it if it can’t be found?

When designing a website there are a number of factors your web designer should consider – namely the user experience, the device, the browser, the aesthetics and search engines.

All too often though, SEO is placed on the backburner of a website design project, when it really needs to be part of the process.

Your website is your marketing tool

When designing or redesigning a website, it’s done with the intention of fulfilling your business goals. Whether that’s generating more traffic, brand awareness, leads or sales – incorporating on-page SEO is going to help you achieve this.

As part of the website build, your web designer will consider SEO into the navigation, information architecture (structure), content and design. Doing all the work upfront as part of your site build, means your website is already optimised the moment you ‘go live’.

If you leave this work to commence after your site has been launched, it’s likely you’ll have to change certain aspects of your site – which could prove a more costly and timely exercise than if it was addressed at the start.

Get found sooner

You want to start driving visits and leads as soon as your site launches right? But what if the visits aren’t coming and your business isn’t appearing in searches?

Having all the fundamental SEO elements in place from the get go, means you’re already one step closer to being found on SERPs.

Because you already have the correct SEO in place, search engines will be able to accurately categorise your site from the moment you’re live. With this in mind, why would you wait to integrate SEO, knowing it’s going to help you attract visitors?

Be more productive

Understanding how SEO impacts your website and building it into your design process makes good business sense. You’re making decisions and implementing tactics that will benefit you long after your website goes up.

You’ll save time not having to start back at square one, to ensure your website is optimised. And it means you can push ahead focusing on other aspects of your digital marketing, as well as looking at ways to continuously improve your SEO.

Bottom line: Just like bacon and eggs – SEO and web design go together. If you’re working with a website designer to redesign or develop a new website for your business, make sure they incorporate SEO right from the very start.

Contact the digital experts at Cloud Cartel to get your SEO friendly website up and found on Google.



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