Leeming Senior High School

Leeming Senior High School

Showcasing the school's achievements

Thoughtfully curated, Leeming Senior High School’s yearbook includes the highlights of the students, teachers and graduating class’s journey throughout 2022.

Beautifully designed with careful attention to detail, the yearbook serves as a portfolio showcasing the diverse range of accomplishments, academic achievements, extracurricular activities and memories.

The yearbook will continue to serve as an enduring memento that pays tribute to the wonderful year experienced at Leeming SHS.

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Leeming SHS Yearbook 2022

The 140-page yearbook is an important tangible reminder of the transformative years spent at Leeming Senior High School.

With a thoughtful design, captivating layout and personalised content, students and teachers will feel pride reflecting on their time in 2022.

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