Part 2: Bringing home the bacon – how to attract quality website traffic

Was it something you said? Or perhaps the way you look? You think your website design hits all the right spots because you’re now clearly getting the traffic, but why aren’t your visitors hanging around?

We’re an impatient bunch when it comes to consuming online content, and if you’re not making a quick impression when a user lands on your site, you can expect them to be gone within 60 seconds.

If you read Part 1 of our blog you’d now be full bottle on some of the ways to generate traffic to your website. That’s the easy part. Getting users to stay long enough to convert – now that’s the challenge!

There are many reasons why users don’t stick around, some more obvious than others. Poor website design, hard to understand content and difficult navigation are key factors (of which we’re happy to point out should you need some guidance). It’s a no brainer that if your website isn’t responsive these days or developed with user experience in mind, visits will fall short. But what about the less obvious reasons? Let’s get into them!

Unsecure site

Having a secure site means your website is safe in the eyes of the user and ensures all your data isn’t at risk from intruders. Websites displaying a ‘HTTPS’ in front of their URL tell your visitor your site is secure, and any information shared between them and your site is protected. Google now labels unsecured sites, to make it even more obvious to users. They also rate secure sites highly, so you’ll be doing your organic search ranking a favour too.

Regardless of whether you handle sensitive information, having a secure site is good practice and could mean the difference between a user staying or leaving your site.

Annoying pop ups

While it might serve a purpose for your marketing efforts, pop ups or excessive advertising on your site is enough to make visitors hit that back button. We all find it annoying at the best of times, so think about how much value this is providing your visitors before u venture down the pop up path.

Auto play on audio & video content

Not everyone wants to be welcomed with a video playing as soon as they enter your site. Yes video content is popular at the moment, but you should give users the option of when they consume it. Our tip – set your audio and video to off as a default, or at a minimum play the video on mute and give the user the option to turn on the volume. Having video content stream automatically can also impact the speed of your site.

Hard to find contact details

Sometimes all a user wants to do is contact you. If this information isn’t easy to find they might give up and go to your competitor’s site instead. Make sure your contact information is clear, and provide as many forms of contact as possible. Easy enough right?

Outdated content

If your content isn’t relevant for visitors they won’t be interested, and if they’re not interested they won’t stay. If you’re not updating your content regularly to remain relevant, you’re not giving users a reason to come back. Google also likes it when you keep your website content fresh, so not only are you keeping users engaged, you’re also keeping the search engines happy.

Slow page loading

Have you noticed how long it takes for your site to load? If you don’t know you better check. Users don’t want to be waiting forever for your site to appear, and in the digital world forever really means within 3 seconds. Do you really want this to be the reason why visitors are heading for the exit door?

Time for a website redesign? Get in touch with Perth’s specialist website designers at Cloud Cartel.



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