Part 1: How to increase website traffic & get users to stay

Launching your business online is easy peasy these days, but unless your brand is an overnight success, the website traffic isn’t going to just appear, so you need to take a proactive approach.

Having a solid digital marketing strategy in place will provide direction to generating quality traffic and potential leads to your site. Here are 5 key ways that any business should be considering, to actively boost visits.

Paid search & display advertising

If you want to get front and center of potential prospects quickly, then paid search or display advertising is a great way to drive visitors to your site. The AdWords game can be tricky to master, so if you’re a newbie to online advertising or simply lack time, we suggest outsourcing your campaigns in the interim. Depending on the goals you set, you’ll achieve different results, so it’s important to establish these from the get go. The key to a successful paid strategy is to keep adapting and tweaking your campaigns to suit your goals.

Social media marketing

If your business isn’t involved in some form of social media then stop avoiding it. It’s great for building brand awareness, provides another avenue for you to communicate with consumers and customers, allows you to promote your content and of course attract visitors to your site.

We hear from a lot of our clients that they don’t have time to bother with social media. Invest the time, and you’ll reap the benefits in more ways than one. And if you need a hand developing your social media strategy we can help! We suggest starting small and only focusing on the channels that best suits your business model. Combine this with a bit of social media advertising and you can expect to see a spike in visits to your site.


Maintaining a regular blog on your website is a powerful content marketing tool for a number of reasons. If the content you’re producing is engaging and relevant to users, it gives them a reason to visit your site and come back again and again. Blogging assists your content marketing efforts through the creation of shareable content, which you can promote via your social media channels. Producing regular high quality content also helps with your SEO, because we all know Google loves websites with quality content. Convinced yet?

Search engine optimisation

The better your search ranking the more likely you will be found by users searching for the kind of products/ services you offer. While you won’t see results instantly, implementing an SEO strategy will benefit you in the long run, and could prove to be the most effective means of boosting your website traffic and leads.

Email marketing

Although it’s now one of the more traditional forms of digital marketing, email marketing can still be highly effective at driving customers to your site, so don’t neglect the power of email! The key to sending email blasts or newsletters is to be consistent with how often and how many emails you send. Don’t bombard your subscribers with useless content. Make sure it provides value to them, otherwise you may end up driving them away instead.

Incorporating all or just some of these tactics into your digital marketing strategy will largely depend on time and resources. Pick the areas you want to focus your efforts on first, and then set out a plan of attack for when you’re ready to expand your digital marketing.

Stay tuned for Part 2 – how to keep those users on your site longer!

Need some help getting your digital marketing strategy into gear? Let’s talk about it!



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