Why your small business website needs a blog

Can’t justify spending the time to have a blog on your website? We get it, it’s time consuming, writing might not be your forte and you wonder if anyone is even going to read it? What you see as roadblocks are actually opportunities, and after reading this we’re almost certain you’ll want to start blogging for your business.

While it may seem like more work than it’s worth, maintaining a blog can help your business grow online and make the initial effort all worthwhile. In fact, close to 70% of businesses that blog get more qualified leads. If that’s not enough of a reason to start here are 5 more!

Blogging drives traffic

A well executed blog will generate more traffic to your site. And the more often you publish content, the more traffic you’re likely to get over time. So, how to do it right – that’s a whole article in itself but the key takeaways are:

  • Know your audience and target the content to their needs. You should be strategic with what you’re writing, because if your audience isn’t interested, then who are you writing for?
  • Make your content easy to read using headings, bullets and lists to break it all up.
  • Create evergreen content – content that has no expiry date and can be relevant for years (this also helps with your SEO).
  • Promote it! Your social media networks are a great source of traffic, so spend the time cultivating your social spaces and sharing your awesome content.

With all the traffic you start driving to your site via your blog, you’ll be able to cut down on your paid advertising spend. Time well spent wouldn’t you agree?

Having a blog is great for SEO

Just another way you’ll drive traffic to your site! When you think SEO, many of you will concentrate your efforts on the technical onpage optimisation, such as your URLs, title tags, metadata and so on. Having fresh and relevant content on your site is just as important. The more regularly you update your site, the more Google will praise you and enhance your organic search visibility. So what better way to update your site regularly than via a blog?

Blogging feeds your social media funnel

As part of your digital marketing mix it’s crucial to have some element of social media sprinkled in it. Whether you manage multiple social media accounts or just one, the benefits of cross promoting a blog via these channels are the same. Your blog is a fantastic source for creating social media content, and it’s also a mechanism for driving traffic back to your site without having to try too hard. Plus, if your blog content is evergreen you can also tweak your messages are reuse it again later on.

Blogging humanises your brand

We say it all the time over here like it’s a mantra – people do business with people, and one way to bring out your brand’s personality is through blogging. It’s a great way to connect with customers on a more personal level, and show them you are only human too. Some ways to leverage content on your blog includes sharing announcements, go behind the scenes of your business, showcase new products, discuss current trends and share your opinions on topics related to your industry.

Blogging boosts your industry credibility

Sharing your opinions and knowledge on a company blog also increases your credibility. Blogs that are well written with articles published regularly demonstrate to the world you’re a credible source of information, you know what you’re talking about, you’re all over what’s new and what’s relevant in your industry. So naturally, you become a ‘go to’ source for all things XYZ.

The key to maintaining a regular flow of content on your blog is being organised. Determine how much time you are prepared to invest (or if you have no time consider outsourcing your blogging) and how often you want to post? Then curate your topics, plan out your calendar and get writing!

With all that said, think it’s time you considered a blog for your site?

Want to start a blog on your business website? Give our team a hola to see how we can design your blog, curate and create engaging content, and ultimately help you grow your business online.



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