Importance of good copywriting

importance of good copywriting

Regardless of whether you’re a big or small business, good copywriting is essential to growing your company. In a world that relies on digital marketing for business, good copywriting couldn’t be more important. Read further to uncover the ins and outs on why copywriting is more than just words on a website.

What is copywriting?

Copywriting refers to every word that is published for your business. This can include product titles, social media captions, blogs or even the information written on food/drink menus. Each of these points of contact can either help or hinder your business depending on the quality of the output. In the digital age, these contact points are rapidly growing everyday. Make sure you don’t fall behind. Invest in good copywriting and you will see the return.

Build your brand

Copywriting is an important tool for communicating your brand’s identity. Everyone loves knowing the face behind the brand. Take advantage of the many digital platforms (website, Instagram, Facebook and let’s not forget the dreaded TikTok) at your fingertips and share your story and purpose. Keep in mind these questions when publishing the content:

  1. Who owns the business?

2. What are your business’s goals?

3. What makes your products/services unique?

Answering these questions will create transparency and therefore build trust with your clients.

Connect with customers 

When a customer lands on your website or stumbles across your profile on social media, good copywriting grabs their attention and stops them scrolling. If you’ve ever found yourself endlessly scrolling on Instagram, you’ll be well aware of how much information we’re all bombarded with everyday. To make a customer’s thumb stop on your profile, you need to deliver a message that relates and connects.

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Research, research… and more research! 

Customers want to feel as though they’re being spoken to directly, that they’re needs are being heard and that you can help them. Good copywriting involves immense research into your chosen target market. Achieving the right message, in the right place and at the right time is the recipe to successful copywriting. 

For example, if you’re an ice cream shop about to release a new flavour of ice cream you need to focus your attention on…

  • Where your message is being delivered?
  • What does your message say?
  • What time is your message being published?
  • Who is your message is going to? 
  • Why are you releasing this content?

Whilst also ensuring the copy is written well with correct grammar and SEO

It can be a difficult process to master however, once you’ve achieved it you’ll instantly see the results. 

More than words

Copywriting is an opportunity to speak to your customers. Every word, sentence and blog that’s published represents your business. You want to make sure every message that goes out to your audience is premium quality, purposeful and represents your brand’s identity. Copywriting is more than words, it’s a moment to make your brand remembered.

Unsure where to start?

We get it, it can be hard finding the time for good copywriting. If you’re a small business owner and you’re already juggling several different roles, the last thing you have time for is sitting down to write a blog. That’s where we can help.

Calendar and todo list

We’re here to make it easier

Here at Cloud Cartel our passion is helping small businesses achieve their goals.

We want to see you succeed by providing unique digital marketing and website services. We specialise in creating content that not only reads well but also, relates, connects and captures your audience.

Stand apart from your competitors, contact our team today: 1300 136 164



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