7 ways to get more landing page conversions

how to increase lead conversion rate

Here at Cloud Cartel, we’ve put together a list of tactics and strategies you can start using to increase your landing page conversions. A landing page is a separate web page that encourages customers to take action. Often used to increase SEO ranking or promote a specific product or service, the ultimate goal of any landing page is to increase conversions. If done correctly, a landing page can both increase website traffic and bring in more leads, which is why optimising your page is so important. Here at Cloud Cartel we’ve put together a guide on how to get those conversions – read on to learn our industry secrets!

1. Invest in good copywriting

One of the most important elements of landing page copywriting is your heading. The first thing your potential customers see, the heading of a page should be short and sweet and work to draw your audience in. A subheading can always be used to clarify, but if your heading is not attention grabbing, then you’ve already lost your customer. In addition to a solid headline, all other text should be easy to read, convey the brand voice/personality and use emotion to establish connection. Interested in learning more about copywriting? Check out our article on the importance of good copywriting or read about our copywriting services.

2. Use a call to action

Once you’ve hooked your potential customer, you need to hit them with a simple and repeated ‘call to action’ or CTA. The implementation of a CTA makes it easier for the customer to move forward, giving them an obvious next step. Our top tips for great CTA’s are:

    • Keep it consistent: avoid confusing your customer and use one consistent CTA i.e., ‘buy now’ or ‘sign up’.
    • Personalise it: use fun and persuasive wording to avoid generic taglines customers will ignore.
    • Use a BIG button: make sure customers won’t miss it! People are often drawn to buttons and expect a CTA in this form.
    • Use contrasting colours: help your CTA stand out by using a different colour, i.e., if your website is blue, try using a yellow or orange CTA button.

3. Simplify your forms

When it comes to forms, simple is always better! If it takes too much time to fill in your form, a potential customer won’t bother. Need a large amount of information from your customers? Consider breaking the form up into steps or sections, so it takes you through a process of filling out the form (like our ‘start a brief’ page). However, this could be done on your ‘contact’ page rather than the landing page, so ultimately a basic form is the best way to go. As long as you have their name, a way to contact them and a description field, you’re golden!

4. Use eye-catching imagery

Like good copywriting, captivating images are key to a good landing page. Most people want to know what they’re buying and more about the company they’re buying from – images are the quickest way to communicate both of these, which means that quality visuals can make or break your landing page. We recommend choosing a few quality images to hero or feature, as well as some product/service images to illustrate what your company does. You could even consider adding in a short video! However, make sure to avoid overloading the landing page with too many images, as you could risk overwhelming your audience.

5. Highlight your value proposition

Your landing page should articulate your value proposition (VP) very clearly, highlighting why customers should buy your product through the copywriting and imagery. Your potential audience should be able to identify why your product is different from the rest! Make sure to address user intent and understand their problem, before stating why your product or service is the perfect solution.

6. Optimise your page

Page optimisation is a great way to make sure you stay on both your audience and Google’s good side – no one likes a slow loading page! You can optimise page load by reducing media file size, improving caching, or reducing dependence on CSS. There are also a number of tools available online to test page load that identify the areas you can improve in. Additionally, make sure your page is optimised for mobile by keeping your headline at the top of your page, along with the CTA. Lastly, double check that your page is streamlined, easy to navigate and has no distracting elements on both desktop and mobile. 

7. Show you’re legit

Social proof is one of the best ways to gain new customers, as individuals will heavily rely on previous customers’ experiences, more willing to trust fellow purchasers instead of a company. Including any certifications, testimonials, badges or reviews can provide this social proof to potential customers and increase your credibility. Additionally, you could include examples of past work to validate the quality of your product or service.

Still sound complicated?

 Just get Cloud Cartel to do it for you! We provide a wide range of services that can help you increase landing page conversions from designing and building the page itself, to writing the content, to improving SEO and more.



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