What makes a great website design in 2018?

Everything in the digital space is accelerated. What’s trending one day, quickly becomes obsolete the next. Website design is no different.

Recent figures have shown mobile browsing now officially eclipses desktop usage. If your website isn’t providing a satisfactory mobile experience for your audience in 2018, you’re falling behind the pack. Above everything, your website design and functionality should be focusing on mobile first.

If you’re looking to develop a new website or redesign your website this year, here are some of the latest website design trends to consider.

1. Brighter colours

There’s no such thing as a web safe colour no more. These days our devices and monitors are better equipped to handle richer, more vibrant colours, giving website designers more choice and freedom to explore use

of colour. Bright and bold colours can instantly attract attention and provide another way for brands to set themselves apart from the boring competition.

2. Big and bold typography

Similarly, typography has come a long way. Device resolutions are getting sharper meaning legibility is getting easier, giving rise to designers experimenting with custom fonts. We’re also seeing oversized typefaces, which can improve user experience (UX). Injecting a little bit of personality into your typography will add to an impactful website design.

3. Gradients and shadows

Goodbye flat design, shadows and dynamic gradients are making a comeback. We’re noticing gradient filters being applied to photos to create a more visual impact, and gradient backgrounds are proving to be a great alternative where images are hard to source. Our web designers in Perth are also exploring shadow effects. When combined with colourful gradients they can create more depth and enhance the UX of your website.

4. Animation

With so many cool creation tools out there for designers, we’re seeing lots of small animations popping up as a new way of engaging users and creating a more dynamic site. Animation helps with brand storytelling, conveying ideas and informing audiences in a snapshot. It’s great when used for entertaining the user while a page is loading, or as an interesting hover from a regular static link.

5. Particle background effects

Continuing on the animation path particle backgrounds are great at attracting instant attention. It’s all about creating subtle movement within a backdrop or image to create dynamic backgrounds and eye-catching visual effects. The beauty of incorporating this into your website design over video backgrounds is the quicker loading times.

6. Asymmetric layouts

The move from traditional grid based layouts to a more unconventional style was a trend that surfaced in 2017 and the appeal remains strong. The use of asymmetrical layouts allows for a more unique experience and web designers are embracing the fresh change.

7. Illustrations

Custom illustrations can really bring out a brand’s personality and make your business more approachable. It’s a great way to visually engage your audience and make your brand stand out.
We recommend refreshing your website design every 3 to 5 years to ensure the best and most modern, up-to-date user experience and give your business that competitive edge.

Want to talk website design? Give Cloud Cartel a hola today to chat about ourwebsite design services and what we can do for you.



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