5 Simple Ways to Start Using Video Content

Once upon a time, producing a video to market your business required big bucks and was something of a ‘nice to have’. Today, rich media content is the norm and one of the most cost-effective ways to promote your business online.

It’s easily become the preferred medium online and by 2019 will make up 80% of all content consumed on the Internet. So if it’s what the customers want and expect, then it’s a no-brainer this is where your marketing focus should be. Question is, are you there yet?

With so many different online services and software at your disposal, creating, uploading, embedding and sharing video content is a cinch. Of course for a more professional approach, affordable video production services can make it that much easier on your part.

If you’re not sure where to begin, here are some simple and effective ways to start incorporating video content into your digital marketing mix.

1. Set up a YouTube channel

If you have no online video presence whatsoever, this is your first step. Call it your home base for all your video marketing efforts. It’s where you can upload and store your video content, then distribute however you like, such as embedding videos on your website or sharing socially across multiple platforms.

2. Enhance your website

Did you know including a video on your landing page can increase conversions by 80%? Engaging video content will hold attention and get users interested in your website.

Search engines also favour video content, so having a video on your homepage could do wonders for your organic search rankings. From company profiles, product demos, promoting a service, explainer videos or making an announcement, there are many different ways you can integrate video content on your site.

3. Get social

Video content on social media platforms generates 1200% more shares than text and images combined, so it’s no surprise that video thrives in the social space. Facebook Live, Snapchat, Instagram stories and sharing videos on Twitter are just a few platforms to consider to achieve high engagement with video content.

4. Broadcast your business

Producing regular snippets of video content is great for social media. Whether live or pre-recorded, you can set up your own feature broadcasts to really differentiate yourself from your competitors. Not only does it show a human element it also adds value to your brand. Consider producing interviews, ‘how to’ instructional videos, highlighting new products/ services, or going behind the scenes to give your audience a unique insight into your business.

5. Testimonials

We’ve all seen written testimonials on websites. Kick it up a notch and bring even more authenticity to your customer recommendations, with unscripted praise and real life experiences straight from the source.


We’ve seen what the power of video can do for small businesses in Perth. Whether you want to increase website traffic, create brand awareness, enhance user interactions or grow your social following – video content works.

To see how your business can evolve with video marketing, contact Cloud Cartel today.



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