How the cookie got its crunch: The power of a strong brand identity

If you’re a small business owner you may think branding is only for big businesses with big budgets. Wrong. A strong brand identity can make your business (big or small) stand out and create a unique impression on all who lay eyes on you.

Why bother with brand development?

You care about the reputation of your business right? Branding is all about the impression you create. It’s what you stand for and what makes you so special from the competition. Through your brand, people establish an emotional connection. The way you look, the way you sound in person and in your marketing, what people say about you – good or bad, these things all play a part in how effective your branding is.

Brand building blocks

A strong visual identity is the backbone to your brand. Many small businesses have mediocre logos and don’t spend time creating the face of their business. If you get your logo right you’re well on your way, but brand development isn’t just about your logo. Yes, pretty visuals will attract attention, but you also need a strong brand voice to complement it. What is your persona and what kind of messages will you communicate? Once you’ve clearly defined your brand you can apply your values across all your business touch points. The result – a picture perfect brand identity that will help your business grow.

At Cloud Cartel, we’ve helped countless of small businesses launch successful brands, none more so than Perth’s most delectable New York style cookie joint – Get Chunky.

Within less than 6 months, this home based cookie company went from selling their product at a small market stall at Fremantle Markets, to recently opening a store in Mt Lawley, including a pop up cookie cart at Westfield Whitford City. The secret to their success and foodie media frenzy? It all began with a big idea that came alive through carefully crafted branding.

Following extensive market research, we went about establishing the brand positioning, personality, all of the creative elements and messaging to tell the Get Chunky story in its own unique way.

With a strong brand identity in place, Get Chunky was launched via social media at Freo markets and became such a hit they were selling out within 2 hours. Fast forward to their new permanent home in Mt Lawley – business is booming and brand awareness is at an all time high.

To find out more about the Get Chunky brand story and how brand development can benefit your business, give the brand gurus at Cloud Cartel a hola!




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