5 Benefits to using a Digital Consultant

The way we do business and the marketplace we operate in is becoming more digital at an ever expanding rate. If you’re not up to speed with your digital marketing your business could be left behind. Here we explain the benefits of having a Digital Consultant on your team.

Firstly, what is a Digital Consultant? Let’s break it down. A Digital Consultant reviews your current online presence or digital footprint. This covers everything from ensuring your brand is consistent in all mediums from print to the web, including email signatures, websites, social media, advertising and basically anywhere else you may appear online.
So, what are the top 5 reasons your company should consider hiring a Digital Consultant to help manage your online presence.

1. Digital Consultants are experienced and knowledgable.

You may feel like you’re getting left behind at times. Every week there is a new social media platform or app that hits the market which could greatly benefit businesses. But does that mean you should jump on the bandwagon of every one of them? Of course not.
We would need to clearly define your target market and using this data customise an approach that will ensure your marketing budget is working at its most efficient based on this. Because this digital landscape changes so rapidly, we take over the stress of wondering which approach to take to leave you focussed on what you do best. From here we will report back the statistics and performance of your online marketing efforts and advise how best to refine it.

2. Digital Consultants manage your online strategy so you don’t have to.

With a tailored solution and strategy to best attract your target audience in place, even if you have current staff working with you to manage the content of your digital marketing, we define the key areas, posting times based on the specific demographic and ensure your budget is used smartly and efficiently while overseeing the management and report back with the data that really matters.

3. Digital Consultants Are an Affordable Asset

If you calculate the costs of an in-house brand manager, a marketing manager, design and development team and sales strategist to manage and execute your digital marketing efforts the cost is phenomenal. Not only that, the time required to train up each of these teams and day to day management brings the total to hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.
Based on this, doesn’t it make sense to outsource this to a digital consulting firm with the team, experience and knowledge of several professions that can scale the level of work to suit your budget?
The savings alone would allow for greater marketing budgets to promote your business online and offline for completely integrated campaigns, without the added staff expenses.

4. Digital Consultants Ensure modern and on-trend Websites

One of the key areas you Digital Consulting firm would manage is of course your website. Your websites user interface should not only look up to date and modern, the user experience has to be of high quality too to ensure your site works and performs well.
Many small businesses underestimate the requirements of a solid brand, not investing enough if their brand identities, messaging or lacking overall consistency which all has a major effect on how you’re viewed. A Digital Consultant will ensure all your collateral is up to the highest level and offer advice and tips on what to focus on, upgrade or improve within your business one step at a time.
One of the bigger benefits is also having that one go-to team to ensure everything you need is on track, being managed or only a phone call or email away if there’s anything you need.

5. A Digital Consultant is an Extension of Your Business.

With the ever changing digital landscape and ever evolving marketplace you’ll need a Digital Consultant to help guide you through the latest technologies and what you should be focusing on or avoiding to ensure you maximise investments.
You should find a Digital Consulting firm that you trust whose specialty revolves around strategic, Digital brand and sales management and should be a close and valued partner to your business.



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