Whats Trending in Web Design in 2019

Here at Cloud Cartel, we’re always keen to stay updated with the hottest web design trends. It’s one of the many reasons we’re sought after for web design in Perth! Each year, we find there are certain things that either make a comeback or blast onto the scene for the first time. So, here’s what’s trending in 2019:

Glitch art

This is comfortably one of our favourite trends as glitch art is so unique. It’s this idea of something technical going wrong. For example, a computer screen glitching out and causing a crazy warped look. This is being incorporated into web design by creating aspects of sites that have this glitchy design. It draws the user’s attention as they naturally assume that something has gone wrong and glitched out. But, they soon realise it’s all part of the incredible design.

Glitch art is unique, funky, and can be played around with in so many ways. As such, it’s definitely a trend to look out for.


These days, you can expect to see minimalist web design taken to new heights. People don’t want to be bombarded with loads of different colours, shapes, or content. Instead, they want simple and plain designs – particularly on homepages.

This doesn’t mean all website will become boring – it just means they’ll be simpler, and easier for people to use.

Video content

2019 is the year where website owners realise the real power of video content. Therefore, a web design trend will be learning how to design sites to fit around awesome video content. It’s not just about the visual elements, but also ensuring the site is designed to still be fast and functional while playing high-definition video.

We’ve already seen some unique designs, such as featuring the video content as the moving background of a homepage. Video animations are also going to be very big this year.


We’ve all seen those little chatbots that appear on websites – normally in the bottom right corner. You click on them, and a box pops up where you can chat to a customer support member or advisor – whatever. In 2019, they’re gaining popularity faster than you can think. As a result, this means chatbot designs are changing and becoming more and more complex.

Instead of a boring message box, we’re going to see more and more elaborate designs that really reflect the identity of individual brands. We think that we’ll probably see people try and design them to look like actual robots or android assistants as well – which will be pretty cool!

Websites for thumbs

Lastly, the mobile web design trend of the year is going to be thumbs. Basically, we’ll start seeing mobile sites that are designed to be easy for you to navigate using your thumb. This is how most people scroll through sites on their phones, so it makes sense.

Expect to see little changes to mobile web design – like the menu buttons moving from top to bottom for easier thumb access.

There are plenty of web design trends to look forward to this year, but these are our favourites.

If you’re looking for modern web design that’ll turn heads and offer an excellent user experience, then feel free to contact us today!



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