The Grass Fed Doughnut


The future is
e-commerce & vegan doughnuts.

As Perth’s love for The Grass Fed’s vegan doughnuts grows, so too does their need for an e-commerce website. 


→ User friendly online shop 

→ Brand specific design 

→ Mouth-watering imagery

Guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Where practicality meets aesthetics.

Online shopping is driving the retail market in Australia with a record $62.3 billion spent online in 2021. This is expected to more than double over the next 5 years.

As consumers are choosing online over in-store, the need for a website that encapsulates the brand identity has become fundamental to the prosperity of a business.

The team at The Grass Fed Doughnut recognised this opportunity and reached out to our Cloud Cartel web design team for a more nuanced approach to their previous online platform.

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