Helios Psychology

Helios Psychology

Providing Professional Care
& Support

Helios Psychology provides psychology services for children, adolescents and adults with the mission to work with each client to help them feel better now and into the future. 

With an existing website that was outdated—Helios approached our web design team to develop a new digital presence that is user friendly, informative and upholds a sleek and modern appearance that’s visually interactive and on-brand.

Building connections
with friendly UI

Prioritising the user interface (UI) was essential to the design of Helios’ website.

With Helios’ mission to offer a space of warmth, inclusion and care—this inspired a simple yet functional layout that showcases Helios’ information and resources without the page feeling cluttered or overwhelmed.

Combined with the calming colours of orange and purple, Helios’ website offers a safe and welcoming place to learn, explore and connect.

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