Dreamtime Designs

Dreamtime Designs

Weaving together tradition with innovation

Dreamtime Designs provides bespoke and custom-made wedding veils to wholesalers across Australia and New Zealand. Having been in operation since 1996, the business was in need of a new website to innovate their traditional processes.

Collaborating closely with the business, our mission was clear: to deliver a website that seamlessly blends optimal functionality, an exceptional user experience, and an exquisite design.

The result? A sleek and efficient online platform that has revolutionised their operations, bidding farewell to outdated manual methods (no more fax machines!) and embracing a new era of streamlined efficiency.

Bringing the dream to reality

Initially hesitant to depart from their trusted Excel sheets and handwritten notes, with our careful guidance and support, they have seamlessly transitioned into the digital era, growing comfortable and confident with the capabilities of their new website.

As visitors browse the site, they’ll be welcomed with captivating imagery, dynamic detailing and sheer elegance. Wholesalers can log in, explore products and place orders. Visitors can explore, find inspiration and begin to dream.

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