Harness the Power of your Business Online – Why a Digital Marketing Strategy matters

Let’s talk strategy. It’s not essential as a business to have a digital marketing strategy. As digital consultants in Perth, we’ve worked with some clients who have carried out campaigns without a strategic approach. We’ve also helped businesses develop their digital strategies, and seen the difference it makes in the long run for harnessing a competitive edge and growing and retaining customers.

I can tell you which path I’d prefer to take. And here are 5 reasons why..

1. Better Direction & Focus

You may have a general sense of what you want to do or achieve, but do you know how you’re going to do this and which are the most effective channels? When you’re clear on what your goals are, everything else falls into place. Having a defined plan will ensure everyone is on the same page, and it allows you to track your progress towards achieving the results you’re after.

2. Get Inside Your Audience’s Head

Knowing how your audience interacts with you can say a lot about them and their purchase intent. Handy analytics tools can tell you a lot about your customers, which in turn help you to tailor your campaigns and target specific audiences. Better understanding your audience is key to generating more leads and customers.

Having a strategy will align all your channels together, rather than working in silo to try and achieve similar outcomes.

3. Integrated Approach

Having a strategy will align all your channels together, rather than working in silo to try and achieve similar outcomes. We also know that digital marketing works well when combined with traditional forms of marketing, so capturing this together allows for a more effective execution.

4. More Efficiency

Whether you have lots of resources at your disposal or not, having a strategy will limit duplication of unnecessary work and stop you from taking on projects that are out of scope. It will make you more organised because it will force you to prioritise what is important in the bigger scheme of things. And it clearly sets out everyone’s responsibilities, be it at department or staff level.

5. Stay Agile

Having benchmarks in place gives you something to work off and allows you to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns. When you can clearly see something isn’t working, you can take the necessary steps to achieve a better outcome.

Without a strategy you might carry out campaigns and not follow through with reviewing and acting on them. Building optimisation into your plan gives it purpose and allows you to always strive for continuous improvement. Because how else will you capture more leads and grow your customer base?

We all know how important having a digital presence is these days for engaging with audiences, generating leads, and retaining a loyal customer following. And with a proper plan of attack, you’ll soon realise the benefits of having a digital marketing strategy.

Developing a strategy doesn’t need to be a cumbersome project that weighs heavily on your head. Think of it as simply defining your objectives and marketing goals for what you want to achieve, and we can help you fill in the blanks!

Sound like a good idea? Get in touch with Cloud Cartel and let’s make great things happen.



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