Improve your ecommerce ranking on Google with SEO

Improve your ecommerce ranking on Google with SEO

Do search engine rankings matter for an eCommerce website?

You betcha! Many would agree that ranking high on Google is absolutely critical for an eCommerce business to thrive. Search engines are what send targeted visitors to your site and eventually convert them into customers. So it’s a no brainer that you should be aiming for at least a page 1 presence for heightened visibility – if not the #1 spot on search results.

And there’s plenty of ways you can get there. Here are a few tips on how to achieve that top position by enhancing your search engine optimisation (SEO).

Review your site hierarchy

When we talk about site hierarchy we essentially mean how your eCommerce website is structured. And we’ll go as far to say that it’s the deal breaker for hitting your conversions. A poorly structured website will make it hard for visitors to find what they’re looking for. So the easier you can make it for customers, the better it is for them – and Google, as this is something the search engine considers when determining site rankings.

It’s important that you take time to plan out your structure (this is something we can help you with). Things to look at to improve your site structure and user flow include:

  • Optimise your website menu – this is one of the first things Google crawls when it indexes a page, so it’s critical to nail.
  • Perform a content audit on your evergreen content and optimise where you place your links. Google Analytics and heatmap tools are great for analysing your traffic and where people are clicking.
  • Use friendly URLs
  • Add product tags and breadcrumbs to your pages
  • Make sure you have a sitemap

Optimise your product pages

Your main product page is the landing page of choice for visitors shopping online. Some of the ways you can optimise your product pages include:

  • Write unique product descriptions which includes a strong keyword
  • Produce quality photography/ videos of your products that are visually appealing, as this is what will draw the customer in
  • Include a strong call to action
  • Add keywords to meta titles and descriptions, product categories and reviews

Are your keywords relevant?

Keywords are important for SEO, so you want to make sure you’re focusing your efforts on keywords that are going to deliver a high volume of searches, but are low in competition. There are plenty of keyword tools out there that can help you identify the right mix of keywords you should be targeting. We can help with keyword research and also analyse what your competitors are doing.

Improve your ecommerce ranking on Google with SEO

Increase your inbound links

Every eCommerce website needs incoming links to rank high on Google, but it’s important that you’re getting links from credible websites. Generating organic links isn’t always easy and can be time consuming (something worth outsourcing if you don’t have time to do it properly). Some strategies for increasing inbound links to your site include:

  • Produce a solid social media strategy with posts that link back to your website and encourages followers to share your links.
  • Backlinking (creating internal links on your site)
  • Creating FAQ pages that direct customers to related content on your site
  • Encourage user generated content and product reviews
  • Write guest posts

Check your website for errors

Audit your site for any performance issues that may be causing problems on your site. Not only does it make for a poor user experience, it also affects your SEO. Errors to look out for include broken links, 404 and 302 errors, removing any duplicate content and checking your site speed. Slow loading times will impact your conversions and bounce rates because nobody wants to hang around a site that’s not going to load!

You can test the loading time of your site using tools such as Page Speed Insights. If your site is slower than average, there are things you can do to speed it up including:

  • Optimising and reducing the size of images and video content
  • Limiting the number of tools and plug-ins on your site
  • Reviewing your website host
  • Compressing your code

Want to improve your eCommerce website rankings on Google?

Our SEO specialists can help you get to the top! We’ll optimise your eCommerce site so it climbs up the Google ranks, sends genuine leads your way and increases your online revenue. Get in touch today for a free consultation. We’re just a tap, click or call away.




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