Developing your brand identity: 5 tips for designing the perfect logo

A brand is more than just your logo, but let’s not discount it as a cleverly designed logo is essential to creating a strong brand identity for your business.

Everyday we’re exposed to an infinite number of logos that are subconsciously creating positive or negative associations in our mind about the brand. You literally only have a couple of seconds to capture someone’s attention with your logo. And it’s generally the first thing consumers will see or hear about you, which is why you shouldn’t gloss over logo design as part of your brand development.

When it comes to starting out your business and designing a logo, or rebranding an existing logo, here are 5 key things you should chat about with your design team that will help create a lasting logo for your brand.

Strive for simplicity

Simplicity is key to creating an effective logo, and you’ll notice the most iconic and recognisable logos out there are clean and simple. Think Nike, Coca-Cola and Apple. Logos that are stripped back are easily recognisable, which in turn sticks in your mind. Having a simple logo also creates flexibility when you start applying it across various platforms and applications.

Be different

Having a logo that is unique from what you would typically expect within your industry will make your brand stand out against your competition. Your logo doesn’t need to explain what you do (so forego overused icons that don’t really add much pizzazz), it just needs to capture attention and be memorable (but also relevant at the same time). Why follow the sheep when you can lead the pack?

Withstand the ages

Create a logo that is timeless. Just because something is ‘all the hype’ right now doesn’t mean you should make it part of your logo. You don’t want a logo that will look out-dated in a few years’ time, otherwise you’ll forever be refreshing your logo design. The best logos haven’t really changed much over time – which comes back to simplicity, and if designed correctly, neither should yours.

Having a logo that is unique from what you would typically expect within your industry will make your brand stand out against your competition.

Make it adaptable

Think about all the different touch points your logo will be used across print, online and outdoor. Understanding how you intend to use your logo and how it will appear in mono, one colour, reversed out or enlarged will all guide the overall design.

Keep it relevant

This comes down to your target audience. You want a logo that is going to attract the type of customers you’re after, so it makes obvious sense to design a logo that will resonate with them. Are you a serious or fun brand – and how do you project that brand personality into your logo design? Your logo colour can say a lot about you, and this is where choice of colours and font types are a critical consideration in brand development.

Want a professionally designed logo to make your new business stand out from the crowd? Contact the guys who know all about creating great brands.



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