8 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Digital Marketing

Gone are the days of newspaper advertising spreads, flicking through product catalogues and sitting through painstakingly long 30 second ads on the telly. Now, the marketing world is nearly completely digitalised, with search engines and social media platforms driving customer behaviour

If you’re a business owner or marketer and you haven’t made the complete shift to digital marketing, you’ll be left behind alongside those dusty payphones and broken CRT TVs. Here, we list the 8 reasons why your business needs digital marketing and how you can obtain 360 degree marketing from our agency Cloud Cartel

Get ready to conquer the digital world.

1. Get in front of your customers

In 2022 it was recorded that 79.6% of Australians own a smartphone. Of this 79.6% approximately 94% carry their smartphones wherever they go. This is a huge percentage of the population that are carrying a screen in their hands nearly all of the time, scrolling through social media as they wait for their coffee, quickly searching on their search engine for nearby services and getting notifications from their text messages, emails and apps. For digital marketers, this offers an incredible opportunity to connect with customers anytime, anywhere. 

Thoughtful and purposeful digital marketing provides the opportunity for businesses to reach anyone that’s online. Whether it be the phone they’re holding in their hand, the laptop they’re using at work or an iPad you’re playing Word With Friends on—digital marketing gets your brand in front of customers. 

2. Advanced targeting & retargeting

One of the (many) great benefits of digital marketing are the incredible tools used to track, target and re-engage with customers. Whereas previously traditional marketing was limited in the ability to collect customer data and retarget interested shoppers, digital marketing has numerous marketing platforms that collects data from various digital touchpoints and provides useful insights on your customers

When a customer visits your website, social media page or downloads your app—you’re given limited access to communicate with that customer, providing useful information on your business and products. Depending on the platform, will determine the customer information you acquire. If a customer signs up to your newsletter, you can now add them to your e-campaigns. If a customer gives you their mobile number, you can notify them via text. Plus, you can use these details to build audiences to target in advertising as well as similar audiences (audiences that ‘look like’ your customers and might be interested in shopping with you). Finding interested shoppers has never been so easy

It’s important to note that remarketing has undergone changes over the years and as concern on digital privacy grows, this will impact the marketer’s ability to access customer data and remarket. However, regardless of the changes, digital platforms will always provide a great opportunity to connect with and re-engage customers.

3. Improved customer engagement


Digital marketing can significantly improve customer engagement by offering personalised customer touchpoints across various digital platforms, offering communication with customers like never before. By making use of digital platforms such as Facebook groups, Discord, and Clubhouse businesses can connect with niche communities that are relevant to the business’ products and services. These communities provide a space for businesses to engage with customers and build relationships in a more targeted and personalised way

For example, on Facebook, a business selling sustainable fashion can join a Facebook group of eco-conscious consumers and share relevant content that is likely to resonate with the group. Or, on Discord, a business selling electronics can join a Discord chat of consumers interested in various electronics. By connecting with these niche groups and offering purposeful and helpful information, consumers will appreciate and respect your brand.

It’s important to note that many digital platforms have regulations around marketing and instead, want to use the space as a way to share helpful information. Trying to push your business could have a negative impact on your brand. Instead, keep your posts engaging and informative rather than pushing sales

When it comes to engaging with customers online, authenticity is key. Customers want a more genuine online experience where communication with a business involves communication with an individual.

4. Cost effective tools

One of the greatest benefits of social media is the fact that it’s free! All you need is an email, phone number and a smartphone, and suddenly you have access to the vast world of social media. Considering more and more people are using social media as its own search engine from Instagram, to TikTok to YouTube, having a social media presence has become just as essential as a website.

5. Increases digital word-of-mouth

Social media platforms are hugely advantageous for businesses hoping to increase word-of-mouth marketing. Traditionally, word-of-mouth marketing has referred to conversations had in-person where people knowingly or unknowingly refer to businesses they personally enjoy and/or admire. Now, word-of-mouth marketing is present more than ever online

Social media channels have features built-into the digital space that encourage interaction with posts and spreading the word to their friends, family and followers. Features such as tagging, sharing, commenting and liking are all features that communicate to others that the individual enjoys and/or admires the product. The more interactions your posts and page acquires, the more clout your business will accumulate thus, more people knowing your business and potential buyers.

6. Keeps you ahead of competitors


Digital marketing is no easy feat. Done well and your business will be well recognised, admired and sought-after. Done poorly, and your business could be left in the dust. Because of the level of finesse and skill digital marketing requires, if you do invest in digital marketing, you’ll reap the rewards, staying ahead of competitors who might be on the fence about outsourcing their digital marketing efforts.

7. Increased brand recognition

It takes 5 to 7 brand impressions to get a customer to remember your brand. That’s a lot of impressions on the same individual customers. Before the proliferation of smartphones and social media, this meant paying for an expensive ad, sending out a flyer drop and even door knocking… and still there’s at least another 2 more touchpoints brands needed to scramble to find. Now, the options are endless with digital marketing.

Social media posting, retargeting advertising across socials, advertising over Google, email notifications, SMS campaigns… it’s now easier and more affordable to get your brand in front of new customers.

8. Long-term benefits

In the digital world we live in, it’s vital for businesses to get involved with digital marketing. Failure to do so could make it only more difficult for business owners to keep up with their marketing efforts. As new social media platforms are introduced, new Google updates are announced and lots of different apps and technologies welcomed into the digital marketing space, the longer business owners put off digital marketing, the more challenging it can be to jump into

Plus, the sooner you start digital marketing, the more results you will see. Digital marketing is often cumulative. Whether it’s regularly posting on social media, posting blogs on your website or developing a digital loyalty program—the more you do it, the more results you will see over the long term.

Digital marketing: it’s not just a trend

For those who are new to digital marketing, it can quickly feel overwhelming when you learn just how much is involved. And, truth be told, it can be a challenge to keep up with everything especially if you’re a business owner trying to manage the marketing duties whilst also running your business. However, we urge business owners in this situation to complete small tasks where they can and reach out to digital marketers for help

Here at Cloud Cartel, we’re a specialised digital marketing agency with a team of experts to help with all departments of digital marketing. From website design and optimisation, to SEO and blog writing, to social media management and content creation—we’re your one stop shop for digital marketing. We would love the opportunity to help your business grow and prosper in the digital realm, if you would like to discuss further, give us a hola to arrange a meeting!

Digital marketing, it’s not just a trend, it’s a must-have for any business looking to stay relevant in today’s fast-paced and ever-changing digital landscape.



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