Time for a Refresh? Why you Should Update your Logo Design

Is your brand feeling a little stale? Getting tired of your look? Not attracting much attention? Then it might be time to consider a brand refresh.

Just like you would update your own look to stay on trend, so too should you maintain the look of your brand. One easy and impactful way to do this – without diving head first into a complete brand overhaul, is to review your logo design.

Your logo is the face of your business, it’s what gives a consumer instant recognition of who you are, and a glimpse into what you’re about. If you were to look at your logo right now what kind of impression do you think it gives? Is it sexy enough to attract attention from potential customers, and to maintain a sense of connection with your existing customer base? If you’re unsure, here are 5 signs your logo is in need of a facelift.

Your logo is out of touch

How long ago was it since you first had your logo designed? It may have looked cool once upon a time, but if it’s been a while or if it’s never been designed professionally, then your logo is showing its age. Little tweaks and adjustments to your existing logo can bring it back to life and make it current again.

Take Coca-Cola for example. As iconic and recognisable as the brand is, the Coca-Cola logo has evolved since it was originally developed in 1886, to keep it modern and in line with the company’s marketing campaigns. The essence of the logo has remained the same throughout its time (except for a bizarre swirly redesign in 1890), which goes to show you don’t have to make drastic changes to your logo in order to stay relevant.

Your logo doesn’t represent where your brand is now

Has your business evolved? Do you find yourself talking to new audiences or your personality shifting? Your logo is an important aspect of your brand identity, as it helps convey who you are. So if it’s not all gelling together you should definitely get a professional designer to zero in on your logo design.

Is your logo too complex?

It’s the simplest of logos that tend to be the most effective. If your logo is confusing to understand (remember most of us are visual people), and it’s full of different elements that just don’t seem to make any sense, scale it back. Get to the core of the nature of your business and make sure your logo reflects this. These days designers are placing more emphasis on how logos appear online, on apps and smartphones, which is why simplicity is key.

How does your logo fare across different platforms?

No doubt the way you market and advertise your business has changed over time. You’re probably investing more in digital marketing and finding new ways to attract and retain customers. Underpinning all of this is the use of your logo and how it looks across varying platforms.

If your logo was designed some time ago, it’s highly likely it didn’t take into account the various ways you may be applying it now. A logo redesign can take all of this into consideration and enhance the look of your logo for maximum appeal.

Are you competing with new players in the market?

Sometimes all it takes is a fresh new competitor to come in, rustle some feathers and make you look second rate. If that’s the case you need to step up your game and show them whose boss. A simple refresh can make you look good as new and create a lasting impression.

Whether it’s a minor logo refresh or a complete redesign, updating your logo is key to lifting brand awareness and staying relevant with today’s modern market. And if designed professionally, your logo will prove to have a longer shelf life than the time before.

Want us to throw some ideas around for your logo redesign? Get in touch with our team who can design a logo that works for you.



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