How to make your marketing work during the COVID crisis

Marketing during covid

The past couple of months has changed how we work, live and interact with one another. COVID-19 has put all us out of our comfort zone, with the domino effect being felt all over the world.

While businesses delivering essential services are flourishing, for many others it has meant physically closing their doors. With social distancing playing a huge impact, businesses have had to scramble and find new ways to keep their lights on.

Like many, you may have already put the brakes on your marketing and advertising spend in Q2. But don’t pack it all in. Now more than ever your digital presence needs to be felt and being socially proactive will make all the difference.

The NBN reports data demand has increased by up to 80% during the daytime compared to February. Whether it’s for work or staying connected, everyone is jumping online.

And that’s where you need to concentrate your efforts. 63% of marketers are changing up their messaging to be more brand and cause related. Because when all of this is over you still want to be remembered right?

So, how can you adapt to the current market and better serve your customers? Here’s a few ways.

Seize new opportunities

Get a little creative and think outside the box. Don’t be afraid to reinvent yourself to stay relevant.

Is there a new way you can deliver your service or product? If you’ve never offered your services online, now is the time to do so and potentially open up a new market for yourself.

Many fitness companies are evolving and moving their physical classes to virtual. Restaurants and cafes are thinking differently and offering online ordering, with one local café now serving up home delivered DIY pizza bases. They’ve also partnered up with supermarkets and bottle shops nearby. And it’s proving a hit!

Update your website

Make sure your website homepage clearly communicates how your business is operating right now. Whether that’s making a booking online, having your phone number visible or installing a chat function, make it as easy as possible for customers to get in touch.

Review your brand messages and enhance your call to action. Creating new offers is a great way to provide added value and inspire confidence. And it doesn’t have to be big. For example, Toys “R” Us are offering free shipping to grandparents who buy toys for their grandchildren online.

Do you have a Google My Business listing, and if you do is it up to date? Not only will a listing help with your SEO it also gives users what they want to know.

We helped Pinjarra Bakery have launched an online store and they’ve have teamed up with local suppliers to offer a range of different products, from their award winning pPies to your everyday food essentials like milk and bread. 

Ramp up your social talk

Everyone’s staying connected via social media at the moment with people spending 20% more time on apps during lockdown. So whatever social channels you’re on, up your game to make the most impact.

Give live streaming a go with demos or a Q&A session to expand your reach. If you already sell products on your website, create a Facebook or Instagram shop and connect that to your online store for an easy shopping experience.

Boost your email campaigns

Keeping in touch with customers via email is affordable and goes a long way. Be empathetic in your approach and send regular updates about changes to your business. Don’t do the hard sell, instead let your subscribers know how you can help them during this time and make your content click-worthy. Use your website or social media to encourage users to sign up to your mailing list.

Don’t drop the ball on SEO

You might be seeing your performance dropping as overall search demand has slowed down, but SEO is one area you shouldn’t stop concentrating on right now.

Search Engine Land reports Google Search Console has seen a significant drop in search impressions despite rankings remaining unchanged. The data confirms this isn’t an SEO ranking issue but a drop in search demand due to COVID-19.

With this in mind, consider carefully whether you pull the pin on your SEO, as it could impact on your organic rankings when search demand does return.

Push or pull your paid advertising?

Pausing your paid search campaigns for the time being could be a good move if you’re failing to get a positive return on ad spend (ROAS). Especially if your products and services aren’t high on the agenda for consumers right now. Instead, direct your marketing efforts to different channels where you’ll get more bang for your buck.

However, there is still potential in paid advertising. With advertisers bidding less, the bids in many industries are the lowest they’ve ever been, so if you can, take advantage and strike while the iron’s hot – if it’s worth your ROAS.

Not sure what to focus on to see you through these times? Get in touch with Perth’s digital marketing experts at Cloud Cartel – we’re here to help.



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