Branding Basics: How to Create a Catchy Slogan for your Brand

We all know the phrases Redbull gives you wings, Nike’s Just Do It,  or M&M’s Melts in your mouth, not in your handsright? But what is it about these brands that make it so easy to recall? And more importantly how can you create something just as memorable for your own brand?

Your brand’s slogan is in many ways like a mini mission statement. It plays a part in defining your business and in some ways reflects your personality. Together with the visual representation of your logo, it’s what grabs a consumer’s attention and shapes your brand identity.

In order for your slogan to be memorable it needs to be meaningful. And after seeing or hearing it a few times, it will naturally reinforce recognition of your brand and stick in your customer’s mind.

Easy said than done right? Being creative isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, which is where we come in of course, but if you do want to get your creative juices flowing – here are some handy thought starters when developing the perfect slogan for your brand.

Keep it short and simple

Be catchy but don’t over complicate things. Saying everything you want in a few words is harder than you think, but the shorter your slogan the better it will sound, and it will ultimately be easier to remember. Take a look at some of the most popular slogans and you’ll see none are more than 10 words long.

Differentiate yourself

What makes you stand out from your competitors? There’s no point saying something your competition can also back up. What is it about you that sets you apart?

Be positive

There’s no room for negative Nancy in your slogan, so keep the language upbeat to inject a good feeling about you. Remember your slogan will reflect your brand, so if you start off on a negative note what does that say about you?

Tug on the emotions

People become emotionally attached to products and it’s their emotions that will drive their desire for your brand. Keep the focus of your slogan on your audience and the benefits to them not your company. It will create a stronger brand association and consumers will be able to resonate with your brand more.

Timeless trumps trends

What’s popular now may not be in a year’s time, so while it may be tempting to choose language that is current, it’s not likely to be as effective over time. It goes back to the point about keeping it simple. It’s what the best brands do, and it’s why their slogans have stood the test of time.

To top it off, make sure your slogan represents your target audience and complements the rest of your branding, most importantly your logo.

Regardless of your industry or how big your business is, every brand can benefit from a catchy slogan.

Ready to start brainstorming ideas for your brand slogan? Let the creative time at Cloud Cartel give you a hand. Get in touch today for a free consultation.



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