7 Quick Tips for Improving Your Website Conversions

Been monitoring your website traffic lately? How much of it has actually resulted in conversions? One of the metrics digital marketers bang on about all the time is the number of visitors they attract to their site, but what good is that if those users aren’t doing what the website is intended for?

There are many things you could and should be doing to help increase your conversion rates. Having a solid digital strategy helps, and if you’re a time poor digital marketer or small business owner, you’ll definitely benefit from these quick and effective tips to boost your website conversions.

Play nice with your fields

Whether it’s email opt-ins or account sign ups the same rules apply: Include only the fields you absolutely need. Users don’t have time to be messing around with forms, so the fewer fields you include the better. Once you have the bare necessities, you can always ask users to share more information down the track. If you insist on including lots of fields, perhaps consider making them optional. Remember, you want to attract customers not send them away!

Review your headings

We’ve all heard it, your heading is what’s going to attract attention, so make sure you nail it. What you say in your headline will determine whether your visitors continue to read on or move on, so spend some time brainstorming heading ideas. Then run with your best pick.

Inspire action with your CTAs

How clear is your call to action? Tell your visitors exactly what you want them to do, simple as that. And if you’re using links, try driving action with buttons. They tend to be more visually appealing and easier to click on – especially when we’re talking about mobile users.

Image is everything

The reality is most people won’t buy something without seeing what it looks like. The images you display on your site is all your visitors have to go by, so having professional, high quality images will go a long way. Key takeaway: don’t skimp out on your images.

Utilise social proof

We all know how powerful word of mouth can be, and the next best thing is having testimonials or customer reviews on your site for all to see. Everything suddenly seems more credible when you have someone else boasting about your products or services, so get onto it!

Create a sense of urgency

If you run an e-commerce site you should highlight when your products are low in stock. Showing you only have 4 items left of a particular product, may catch the eye of the shopper who was on the cusp of making a purchase.

Open up your payment gateway

Give your customers as many payment options as possible. You can’t assume everyone wants to use the current method of payment you have available, so the more options you can provide the better the shopping experience for them.

To round it off, it definitely pays to always test your landing pages. Things like your heading, images, calls to action are a great start to helping you understand what resonates with your visitors.

Want to know how else you can improve your website conversions? Give our team a hola today and start turning those visitors into customers.



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