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Be heard by the right audience.

Reach your ideal customers with Spotify’s advertising services as they listen to their favourite tunes or podcasts. Connect with more people than ever before and get your message heard today using Spotify’s targeting algorithms – with 365 million monthly users, there’s a lot of people listening.

Make your business music to your customers ears by utilising the power of audio outside of traditional radio advertising.

A relatively new advertising medium, Spotify is growing every year and is on track to become the new way of advertising. Over 60% of listeners say Spotify audio ads help them discover new brands and products.With relatively low costs and flexible budget options, Spotify Ads are more affordable in comparison to tradition radio advertising. Even better, not everyone is utilising Spotify’s advertising services yet, meaning there’s minimal competition.

Why Cloud Cartel?

The new age of audio advertising

Connect with potential customers in their screen-less moments – with several mediums to get your message across, data interpretation services and easily trackable/optimisable ad performance, Spotify advertising is worth investing in.

Deliver your message directly to your audience as they tune into the music and podcasts they love.

Our Spotify Services

Premium Audio Ads

Spotify boasts a variety of ad formats to choose from including audio, video, podcast and multi-format ads. Discover what Cloud Cartel can do with the combination of your business and Spotify.

Script Writing

Not sure how to communicate your message in 30 seconds? We can help you write an engaging and persuasive script for your Spotify ads, to drive action from listeners.


Played between songs, Spotify audio ads run for a maximum of half a minute, targeting active listeners on a variety of devices throughout the day.  


Appeal to users while they search for new music and podcasts. Delivered while a user is browsing through Spotify’s catalogue, video ads are guaranteed to be noticed.


Get involved in the podcast movement! Tap into the connection between podcast hosts and their listeners, connecting with users while they listen and learn via podcast ads.

Custom Experiences

Classic ad formats not what you’re looking for? Let’s make something specific to your brand! Choose from options like sponsored playlists, overlays, homepage takeovers, and leaderboards.

How We Can Help

Sound good? Beyond branding, we can help you create meaningful experiences that builds trust and brand loyalty. Explore more of our services or contact us to talk about your requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

As of March 31, 2021 Spotify has over 356m users. This massive audience means you can target by demographic or listening behaviour at any time throughout the day. A quick 30 second or less ad about your business is a great way to spread brand awareness or promote any specific products/events. 

Aside from their requirement of $250 minimum ad spend, Spotify provides flexible pricing depending on your needs and budget. If you specify your overall budget, we can allocate funds appropriately and advise a timeline.

The time to create an ad varies depending on how many revisions are made – if a script or audio is ready to go immediately, the turnaround time is relatively fast and should be ready within the week to go live. 

Spotify has a wide range of advertising options depending on your goals and budget. Audio Ads are delivered between songs whereas Video Ads play when the user is browsing through the catalogue. Podcast Ads are also available, as well as designing your own Custom Experience through Spotify’s Leaderboard, Homepage Takeover, Overlay and Sponsored Playlist options. If you’re unsure which option to go with, we can advise you on the best format based on your content and overall campaign goals. 

If you don’t already have an audio file you’d like to use, we can help you make one! You can either provide us with a script or our copywriters can write one for you, which the voice actors at Spotify will then record.

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