Radio, Print & Outdoor Advertising

Old school advertising still has its place in the marketing mix. At Cloud Cartel, we integrate traditional advertising to support your digital marketing efforts and drive traffic to your website.

While our primary focus is all about digital, we have years of industry experience in print, radio and outdoor advertising. By combining the best of both worlds, you can make your brand stand out from the competition, increase awareness and reach the masses across multiple platforms.

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What you say in advertising is more important than how you say it.

David Ogilvy

What's the deal?

You want to put an ad in the paper, but do you know if it’s the right approach for what you want to achieve?

These days it pays to be strategic about how and where you advertise to get the most marketing bang for your buck. Having an effective marketing plan in place will provide you with direction and ensure you’ve got your business objectives covered, so you can hit the right channels, directed at the right audience, at the right time. And that’s where we come in!

Our services include all aspects of campaign management including strategy, research, concept development, media planning, design, print production and performance analysis.

Where do you start?

Before we get all creative, we like to take a step back and review all of your current marketing activities – online and offline.

If you already have a marketing strategy in place, we can review your current media channels and provide recommendations for improvement, or just roll with what you have to execute your tactics.

If you want to start fresh we will happily develop a strategy for you that seamlessly integrates online and offline tactics, aimed at achieving your marketing goals and delivering maximum return on investment for your advertising dollars.

Some of the traditional advertising services we offer in Perth include:


Radio advertising is still a cost effective way to reach a broad audience and get your message across in less than 60 seconds. We can secure your media placement, script and produce your ad to deliver a top-notch recording, and turn it around in no time at all.


Whether it’s newspaper or magazine advertising, direct mail or marketing collateral, our talented designers and astute copywriters will create eye catching concepts guaranteed to get noticed.


Want to create high impact? It’s easy with outdoor advertising. And these days you can really get creative. From billboards to phone booths, buses and adshels, public transport and buildings, outdoor advertising works best with other mediums to reinforce the message that is already out there.


TV advertising is a powerful medium for influencing purchase decisions. By bringing visual and audio together we can create an emotional connection for viewers, while ensuring your message gets across.

What Else?

  • Radio advertising
  • Print advertising
  • Marketing collateral
  • Brochure design
  • Direct Mail
  • Magazine production
  • Outdoor advertising
  • TVC production

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