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Create a lasting impression and enhance your brand’s identity with professional, high quality images across all your marketing touchpoints.

We are all consumers of images, you only have to see how many followers Selena Gomez has on her Instagram account to see that an image can go a long way to capture attention, increase exposure and generate buzz for your brand.

Having your own library of customised images will aid your visual storytelling, bring out the authenticity of your brand, and make you stand out from the mediocre stock imagery you may have otherwise used in the past.

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Photography is the story I fail to put into words.

Destin Sparks

What's the deal?

Images can say a lot about who you are. And considering it’s what initially grabs a person’s attention, first impressions matter.

Using high quality images to promote your business bring about a perceived level of professionalism, and can also add a relatable human element to your brand. Which is why it’s important to get your business looking right across the board, be it online or offline.

In the world of ecommerce your product images are everything. People want to see exactly what they’re buying and having professional, attractive images will boost your conversion rates.

Images also go hand in hand with written content. They complement each other to enhance your story and also help to recall information. A person who sees an image with text is 65% more likely to remember what is shown 3 days later, compared with only 10% recall if they were to hear about it.

Where do you start?

We’ll sit down with you and map out what type of photography is required and best suited to illustrate what you’re all about and how you want to be perceived.

At Cloud Cartel we collaborate with a number of talented photographers, who can help create your visual identity and add value to your marketing across a number of uses including:

  • Websites
  • eCommerce
  • Social media
  • Digital marketing campaigns
  • Marketing collateral
  • Offline advertising campaigns

Need somewhere to store and manage your assets? We can also help in setting up a photo library, to ensure your images are SEO friendly and catalogued correctly.

What Else?

  • Website photography
  • Product promotion
  • Corporate team headshots
  • Staff photography
  • Office/ location photography
  • Event photography
  • Food photography
  • Google walkthroughs
  • Photo library

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