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New Strategies to Utilise in Your Digital Marketing Plan

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In a digital marketing plan, it’s so important to figure out different ways to engage with customers and become more visible online. You should be continuously honing and streamlining your marketing plan to get better results. You should never have the same plan for more than a few months at a time, as things change very quickly.

Things in the digital marketing industry evolve fast, so your strategies must evolve with it if you’re going to stay ahead of your competitors. Below, we have some new strategies that you should consider utilising in your digital marketing plan. Take a look and see what you can do this year to get better results:

Create Targeted Content

Content will always be king, and creating targeted content will ensure you’re reaching the people who are actually looking at your pages. You should put a lot more emphasis on quality, and make sure you target the age groups, industries, interests, and demographics of the people you want to attract. Posting lots of information that just isn’t targeted to your audience won’t do. Quality over quantity. Ask yourself, what will your audience find interesting? What questions are they likely asking?

When your content is more relevant, you will get much better results overall.

Start Video Marketing

Videos help to tell your brand story far more effectively, and they are an extremely popular way for brands to get their message across today. If you’re not using videos in your marketing plan, you’re already behind! YouTube isn’t the only way to watch them – brands with a brand video on their social media channels will get more engagement, too. These videos are also effective on channels like Instagram and on your own website. You just need to figure out how you’re going to put up more videos in a way that will suit your audience and align with your brand. Will you go live, do them with your smartphone, or have them professionally produced? A good strategy is key to getting this right!

Focus On Personalised Emails

Generic emails are a huge no-no in this day and age; customers want to feel special, so you have to personalise your communications with them. Personalising emails should be a priority to you in 2019, so make sure you find out as much about your audience as you can. Sending a reward on their birthday, for example, can go a long way! If you make a mistake – for example, call them by the wrong name, make sure you own up to it and apologise. This does happen, especially when you’re using software to email lots of people at once.

Use Facebook Marketing Strategies

There’s a lot to be gained from Facebook marketing. You can use live video, or even use the new advertising platform created by Facebook. Businesses can use this platform to direct their paid traffic to a lead generation form!

Incorporate Customer Reviews

Search results pages are already reflecting customer rankings, so asking for customer reviews is a must if you want to let everybody know how fantastic your business is. Bear in mind that your audience probably won’t give you a review unless you actually ask for it, so be polite. 68% of customers were more likely to leave a review if they were asked. You shouldn’t offer an incentive though, as this is a conflict of interest. Make sure you implement a process to gather feedback and figure out which review system works best for your business, as there are multiple options that could potentially work. Make sure you reach out so you can gain new reviews regularly. Don’t expect people just to leave them.

Make Sure You Have The Option To Live Chat

Live chat allows you to connect with customers as soon as they are ready to speak to you. Chatbots can make it easier to provide answers, and you can integrate chatbots with your website, and then program and customise them so they will fit your brand perfectly. They have to suit your brand image and the message you are trying to convey. Make sure your chatbots are customised to provide the information that your audience wants in seconds – live chat is even better, but this may not be possible all the time, for whatever reason. Your audience should be able to find the answers that they want as quickly as possible.

Will you be incorporating these new strategies into your digital marketing plan this year? You should be! Don’t wait; start using these strategies and get better results almost immediately.

enhancing digital marketing

5 top tips to enhance your digital marketing

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You’ve got a mobile friendly website, your SEO strategy is coming along, socially you’re present and your paid advertising is gaining momentum. Things are looking pretty good from a digital marketing perspective. But they could always be better.

Our savvy digital consultants are always looking at ways to enhance their clients’ online presence. Here are 5 simple things you could be doing right now to improve and support your digital marketing strategy. And in the words of Woody from Toy Story ‘If you don’t have one – get one!’.

1. Put yourself in the customers’ shoes

It’s all good and well to review your analytics each month – that’s important, but another way you can identify areas of improvement is to take the customer journey yourself.

Pretend you’re visiting your website or social media channel for the first time, and try to find ways that may hinder your overall experience. If you find it too hard to put the customer hat on, get someone else to do it and observe their user experience.

2. Review your landing pages

When you send users to a landing page you better make sure they’re getting what they’re after. Taking the time to tweak your landing pages will improve your conversions rates. Things to consider include checking your page load times, refreshing your content to ensure it is relevant and engaging, reviewing your format or layout and making sure you have clear call to actions.

3. Produce regular content

Creating fresh content in the form of a blog, video content or infographics helps keep you relevant, improves your SEO, boosts your brand awareness and provides a source of shareable content for your social media channels.

4. Check out the competition

It’s always good to take a look at your competitors every once in awhile and see what they’re up to. It provides a benchmark against what you’re doing, and can spur new ideas for your own digital marketing efforts, to give you the competitive edge.

5. Take advantage of social proof

If you have an ecommerce site, then make the most of social proof through customer reviews or what customers capture visually through social media. Consumers trust online reviews when making purchasing decisions, so sharing what others have to say about your products goes a long way. And the beauty of it is it’s content that has already been created for you.


Just taking on one or two of these tips will make a difference to growing your online presence. Share some of your tips with us!

Need help with your digital marketing? Cloud Cartel can develop a sound digital marketing strategy for your business, so you can dominate the digital space. Contact us to get started


Big challenges for small businesses – how to embrace digital marketing

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Most small businesses rely on word of mouth to generate business. Wouldn’t you like to have more control over your leads? Well, you can with an effective digital marketing strategy.

Today, just having a website isn’t enough. You need to have a significant digital footprint if you’re going to make any impact, and stand out from your competition.

Our digital consultants come across this scenario with small businesses all the time. So in direct response, we’ve identified 4 common challenges small businesses face when it comes to digital marketing, and how you can keep moving forward.

What digital marketing activities should I focus on?

It’s not always easy to know where to start and how much you should be investing in digital marketing. Having a clear direction will help dissolve majority of the challenges you might be facing. And this is where a digital marketing strategy comes in handy.

Before you execute anything, you need to identify your marketing goals and define your audience. The channels and tactics that follow will steer you in the right direction to achieving those goals. We can help develop your strategies, and determine the channels and activities that will generate the best ROI with the least amount of effort, based on your available resources (budget and people).

I don’t have the time or the resources

And so we slide into Challenge #2. Let’s face it, if you’re a small business owner you’re busy enough as it is. You could outsource your digital marketing to lessen the burden, embrace it internally and plan ahead as much as you can, or perhaps do a combination of both.

Developing engaging content is time consuming. Be realistic about how much you or your team can take on, their skill sets and create a schedule. For example, if you have an email newsletter consider how frequently you want to target your audience, plan your topics and content with an editorial calendar to loosely guide you, and include deadlines.

How will customers find me?

How do you normally find what you’re looking for online? Improving your search engine rankings through effective SEO will increase your brand awareness and generate more leads. You could also try paid search, build up your listings in directories and grow your audience via social media.

Is what I’m doing even working?

Time is money, and if something isn’t hitting the mark you need to change it up. The beauty of digital marketing is that it’s so measurable, so you can see what is or isn’t working. Your strategy should include analysing the performance of your activities and campaigns within a realistic timeframe, to determine its effectiveness.

With a solid strategy in place, you can quite easily overcome your digital marketing challenges and give your business a competitive edge.

Ready to tackle digital marketing head-on? Get in touch with Cloud Cartel and let’s make it happen.

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Why you need a mobile first digital strategy

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Go mobile or go bust. Are we overplaying it here? It may sound a tad dramatic, but the reality is that if your digital strategy isn’t focusing on the mobile user experience, you’re losing out.

We’ve seen the progression of daily mobile usage taking over desktop usage. Today, more than half of all Google searches are carried out via a mobile device. And with more and more people using mobile to search, browse, buy and engage online, the mobile experience can’t be overlooked anymore.

Think about how often you use your smartphone on a daily basis and how frustrated you get if the site isn’t mobile friendly. Thankfully most sites these days are responsive (and if it isn’t mobile friendly it could effect your search rankings), but it’s really just the start.

What is a mobile first strategy?

When our digital consultants talk about mobile first, we focus primarily on the mobile user’s needs and their experience before desktop. We do this by designing, developing and marketing for the smallest screen and then scaling it up.

When you look at a desktop site, there are always certain features that can’t be applied or rendered the same way on a mobile platform. With a mobile first strategy, we take into consideration the limitations of small screens and design a site that works within those parameters. Therefore avoiding having to overcome issues that sometimes arise when scaling down from a desktop design.

Your mobile site ultimately becomes more user focused, because it forces you to prioritise what is most important for the user from a content perspective. Google’s notion around micro moments can directly be applied as a thought process to developing a mobile first site.

3 key benefits of mobile first websites

  • Enhanced user experience

When designing a mobile site you look at what really matters and strip away unnecessary information, keep menus short and get straight to the point. Basically you’re making it easier for the user to browse and find what they need on your site. When this clean approach is applied to desktop sites, it already improves the user experience (UX) and user interface (UI).

  • Made for all platforms

A properly designed mobile site translates to a great site across all devices. Anything you design for a mobile site will essentially work for a desktop site, so the approach can then be applied and enhanced for larger screen sizes, if required. Just as responsive sites adapt to the size of your device, a mobile first design works in much the same way on larger screen sizes.

  • Improved SEO

A mobile first site ensures your content is relevant as space is at a premium. Information is also more manageable because it is designed with mobile readability in mind. This means short paragraphs and easy to read content. All the things that search engines love, which can favour your organic search rankings.

For more insights on how our digital consulting services can help your business shift to a mobile first approach get in touch with Cloud Cartel.

Harness the Power of your Business Online – Why a Digital Marketing Strategy matters

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Let’s talk strategy. It’s not essential as a business to have a digital marketing strategy. As digital consultants in Perth, we’ve worked with some clients who have carried out campaigns without a strategic approach. We’ve also helped businesses develop their digital strategies, and seen the difference it makes in the long run for harnessing a competitive edge and growing and retaining customers.


I can tell you which path I’d prefer to take. And here are 5 reasons why.

1.  Better Direction & Focus

You may have a general sense of what you want to do or achieve, but do you know how you’re going to do this and which are the most effective channels? When you’re clear on what your goals are, everything else falls into place. Having a defined plan will ensure everyone is on the same page, and it allows you to track your progress towards achieving the results you’re after.

2.  Get Inside Your Audience’s Head

Knowing how your audience interacts with you can say a lot about them and their purchase intent. Handy analytics tools can tell you a lot about your customers, which in turn help you to tailor your campaigns and target specific audiences. Better understanding your audience is key to generating more leads and customers.

Having a strategy will align all your channels together, rather than working in silo to try and achieve similar outcomes.

3.  Integrated Approach

Having a strategy will align all your channels together, rather than working in silo to try and achieve similar outcomes. We also know that digital marketing works well when combined with traditional forms of marketing, so capturing this together allows for a more effective execution.

4.  More Efficiency

Whether you have lots of resources at your disposal or not, having a strategy will limit duplication of unnecessary work and stop you from taking on projects that are out of scope. It will make you more organised because it will force you to prioritise what is important in the bigger scheme of things. And it clearly sets out everyone’s responsibilities, be it at department or staff level.


5.  Stay Agile

Having benchmarks in place gives you something to work off and allows you to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns. When you can clearly see something isn’t working, you can take the necessary steps to achieve a better outcome.

Without a strategy you might carry out campaigns and not follow through with reviewing and acting on them. Building optimisation into your plan gives it purpose and allows you to always strive for continuous improvement. Because how else will you capture more leads and grow your customer base?


We all know how important having a digital presence is these days for engaging with audiences, generating leads, and retaining a loyal customer following. And with a proper plan of attack, you’ll soon realise the benefits of having a digital marketing strategy.


Developing a strategy doesn’t need to be a cumbersome project that weighs heavily on your head. Think of it as simply defining your objectives and marketing goals for what you want to achieve, and we can help you fill in the blanks!



Sound like a good idea? Get in touch with Cloud Cartel and let’s make great things happen.

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Cloud Cartel Top 5: Why every small business needs a website

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How important is having a website to you? If you’re a small business owner you may not immediately see the value in it, or you’re too busy with your day to day operations to even consider having one. Perhaps you think you can’t afford it? The fact is, these days you can’t afford not to!


Not having an online presence spells a lost business opportunity and only opens the door wider for your competitors – who do have a website, to steer potential leads or customers their way. Think of the Internet as a phone book. People don’t just shop online, they also use it to research services and products, which is why having a website is essential for any type of business. In fact, we’d go as far to say it should be your #1 marketing tool. We could list endless reasons why you should have a professionally designed website, but here are 5 key thought starters for why you shouldn’t overlook developing a website or a new website design in 2018:


1.  Make an Impression

What does your website say about you? A business card will only go so far, but an engaging and mobile friendly website design says it all. These days consumers expect businesses to have a website, increasingly one which supports mobile devices. And what they see initially will determine whether or not they want to connect with you further.

A visually appealing website with captivating images and video content goes a long way. In fact, 89% of consumers agree attractive images on a site influences their purchasing decision. To sum it up – first impressions count!

2.  Reach new customers

Promoting your business online allows virtually anyone to interact and engage with your brand, allowing you to stay competitive. A professionally designed, SEO friendly website will boost your chances of being seen in Google search results. And with 81% of shoppers using Google to research products and services online, prior to making a decision or purchase, you’d want to make sure you’re getting a piece of the pie.

Compare that to placing a newspaper ad or printed brochure production, and you’ll soon discover your website is a very cost effective way to promote your business.

3.  Improved customer service

The content on your website can provide customers with answers to questions they are seeking. It gives them another way to contact you, and allows you a quick and easy means of sharing information about your business, new products, promotions, events, FAQs and tips – the list goes on! You’ll also gain more credibility for your business and grow your brand.

4.  Open 24/7, 365 days a year

Having a website means you’re always accessible, especially if your business can sell products online. An ecommerce site offers customers a means of shopping at a time convenient to them, and they’re not bound by your geographical location.


5.  Save money

Creating a professional looking website isn’t as expensive as it once was. And with the ability to easily edit your own content through platforms such as WordPress – you don’t need a technical guru to do it for you. Compare that to placing a newspaper ad or printed brochure production, and you’ll soon discover your website is a very cost effective way to promote your business.



Are you looking to develop a website or perhaps it’s time for a refresh? Get in touch with Perth’s best website design team today.

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Digital Consulting: Are you getting the most out of your agency?

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Do you really know where your marketing dollars are being spent when it comes to working with digital marketing agencies? Do you understand how Google AdWords, search engine optimisation (SEO) or building a social media presence can help shape your digital presence, to ultimately achieve your business goals? And do the results reflect this?

Having the right agency on your side can make all the difference to your marketing ROI, so here are our top 5 tips on what to consider when choosing or retaining a digital marketing agency:


1.  Understanding your Business Objectives

Any top notch agency or digital consultant will go beyond the surface of helping you get more traffic or leads. They’ll take the time to comprehend your business goals and tailor a strategy around these, not what metrics they believe will get results. Whilst a quick big win is great – will it achieve what you’re after?

2.  Transparency

Is your agency delivering on their promises? Have they got your best interests in mind? Do you have the full scope on what is being done and why, and how much it all costs?

Take for example Google AdWords. After setting up a campaign that’s been running for a few months, things are looking steady, so why do you still have ongoing monthly agency costs if your performance isn’t improving? What exactly are you paying for each month (aside from the clicks to your site)?

An agency that is transparent from the start will provide you with the trust you need, to ensure they can get the job done right with no hidden agenda.

We like to think of ourselves as client collaborators – an extension of your business working to achieve the same outcome.

3.  Education

Does your agency strive to find better ways to achieve your business goals, solve problems and keep you informed about the latest technology and trends? The digital world doesn’t rest. Google’s algorithms are forever changing. Whilst you don’t need to know all the ins and outs – does your agency or digital consultant? They should. And just how proactive are they in addressing these against your own digital landscape?

4.  Customer Service

Good old fashioned customer service – it goes a long way wouldn’t you say? Too often account managers get bogged down with doing the work, and leave no time for keeping the lines of communication open or providing essential digital consulting services.

Wouldn’t it be great to get more than just a status update, but a genuine check in to listen to what you have to say to help drive improvement?


5.  Relevant Reporting

Analysing and reporting on your campaigns should be a priority for any agency, as it determines whether you’re on track to achieving your business goals.

The great thing about digital marketing is that it’s so measurable. You can make informed, tactical decisions based on the analytics and data presented to you. Do you know what’s working and what’s not? And is anything being done about it to improve your bottom line?



At Cloud Cartel we like to think of ourselves as client collaborators – an extension of your business working to achieve the same outcome. Our passionate digital consulting team strips away all the fluff and technical speak to deliver non-biased advice on your current strategies and campaigns.

We take a look at how you’re performing, analyse the results and translate it in a way you can clearly understand, to help you make better decisions.

Are you getting the results you’re after? If not, give Cloud Cartel a hola today!

Benefits to Digital Consulting

5 Benefits to using a Digital Consultant

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The way we do business and the marketplace we operate in is becoming more digital at an ever expanding rate. If you’re not up to speed with your digital marketing your business could be left behind. Here we explain the benefits of having a Digital Consultant on your team.


Firstly, what is a Digital Consultant? Let’s break it down. A Digital Consultant reviews your current online presence or digital footprint. This covers everything from ensuring your brand is consistent in all mediums from print to the web, including email signatures, websites, social media, advertising and basically anywhere else you may appear online.

So, what are the top 5 reasons your company should consider hiring a Digital Consultant to help manage your online presence.

1. Digital Consultants are experienced and knowledgable.

You may feel like you’re getting left behind at times. Every week there is a new social media platform or app that hits the market which could greatly benefit businesses. But does that mean you should jump on the bandwagon of every one of them? Of course not.

We would need to clearly define your target market and using this data customise an approach that will ensure your marketing budget is working at its most efficient based on this. Because this digital landscape changes so rapidly, we take over the stress of wondering which approach to take to leave you focussed on what you do best. From here we will report back the statistics and performance of your online marketing efforts and advise how best to refine it.

2. Digital Consultants manage your online strategy so you don’t have to.

With a tailored solution and strategy to best attract your target audience in place, even if you have current staff working with you to manage the content of your digital marketing, we define the key areas, posting times based on the specific demographic and ensure your budget is used smartly and efficiently while overseeing the management and report back with the data that really matters.

3. Digital Consultants Are an Affordable Asset

If you calculate the costs of an in-house brand manager, a marketing manager, design and development team and sales strategist to manage and execute your digital marketing efforts the cost is phenomenal. Not only that, the time required to train up each of these teams and day to day management brings the total to hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.

Based on this, doesn’t it make sense to outsource this to a digital consulting firm with the team, experience and knowledge of several professions that can scale the level of work to suit your budget?

The savings alone would allow for greater marketing budgets to promote your business online and offline for completely integrated campaigns, without the added staff expenses.

4. Digital Consultants Ensure modern and on-trend Websites

One of the key areas you Digital Consulting firm would manage is of course your website. Your websites user interface should not only look up to date and modern, the user experience has to be of high quality too to ensure your site works and performs well.

Many small businesses underestimate the requirements of a solid brand, not investing enough if their brand identities, messaging or lacking overall consistency which all has a major effect on how you’re viewed. A Digital Consultant will ensure all your collateral is up to the highest level and offer advice and tips on what to focus on, upgrade or improve within your business one step at a time.

One of the bigger benefits is also having that one go-to team to ensure everything you need is on track, being managed or only a phone call or email away if there’s anything you need.

5. A Digital Consultant is an Extension of Your Business.

With the ever changing digital landscape and ever evolving marketplace you’ll need a Digital Consultant to help guide you through the latest technologies and what you should be focusing on or avoiding to ensure you maximise investments.

You should find a Digital Consulting firm that you trust whose specialty revolves around strategic, Digital brand and sales management and should be a close and valued partner to your business.

Why you should outsource your marketing

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In marketing the choice whether or not to outsource your advertising or build a crew in-residence can be tough and venture the traditional way your commercial enterprise runs. We have a look at it this way. Unless you discover the ‘legendary marketer” with the proper blend of method knowledge to build you a solid advertising enjoy, blended with the capabilities to implement a calendar of advertising activities including digital marketing, innovative design in addition to web programming, then your in-house advertising and marketing has already grown to be at least three human beings who’ve a huge variety of abilities and potential to supply in your advertising and marketing function. And that’s an steeply-priced team when you recall for the hidden of retaining internal fixed advertising property which includes attrition, lack of help, not able to scale while wanted and so forth.


Here are the pinnacle ten motives we see why it’s a remarkable benefit to outsource your advertising team.


1 Outsourcing your marketing gives get right of entry to to expertise throughout each advertising area. Your get an skilled team of professionals that can be scaled to healthy tasks of any length and scope. Such flexibility represents the most crucial gain the usage of a advertising and marketing corporation


2 Only pay for the services you need for the period of time you require. The hazard of bringing on new group of workers may be daunting. By utilizing an outsourced advertising and marketing corporation, you manage your marketing spend and can effectively “flip it on and rancid” to healthy inner budgeting and resources.


3 By wearing special hats to manipulate a diffusion of consumer campaigns, an outsourced enterprise is regularly capable of deliver a higher degree of creativity


4 Access to an extended talent pool. In-residence advertising team of workers won’t usually have the abilties wished, particularly on larger, extra complex projects requiring sizeable coordination among various additives of the plan


5 You don’t need to recruit, retain or teach workforce. The advertising and marketing company is liable for offering you with the proper professional human beings to manipulate your account


6 An organisation can convey a welcome external view to an present project with out being slowed down with inner politics or regulations. It can be less complicated for businesses to keep on top of key advertising traits and suggest how those can be included into your commercial enterprise marketing method


7 Digital advertising is converting each day. Agencies make investments big amounts of training and sources into maintaining on top of digital advertising and marketing opportunities and feature whole digital teams operating closer to constructing successful digital campaigns to guide your advertising.


8 Marketing agencies simplest paintings on advertising. Many internal entrepreneurs face the demanding situations of being pulled onto a variety of various tasks and assignments that aren’t constantly always core to building on a successful marketing application.


9 For a small enterprise especially, hiring a advertising man or woman with the proper degree of abilities and information to be strategic in addition to fingers on may be not possible – each in phrases of finding the proper in shape and budgetary sensible. Using an enterprise, you’ll get get admission to to their strategic entrepreneurs in addition to individuals who will enforce your campaigns on a each day foundation


10 Cloud Cartel is a Perth Outsourced Marketing Consulting agency who are engaged as an outsourced marketing team for a huge variety of groups and employers. Cloud Cartel are focused on delivering strategic advertising and marketing plans and campaigns for customers from small to medium organisations to large businesses with quite a number advertising applications. By using Cloud Cartel as your outsourced marketing group, you get get entry to to our pretty skilled and knowledgeable team.

Benefits of outsourcing your digital marketing

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For lots agencies, outsourcing has emerged as a critical part of digital marketing and it maintains to grow in reputation as a manner to improve upon sports that are not core to the enterprise.

  1. Get access to the abilities you want

Building an in-house marketing group to attend to the entirety of your digital advertising efforts is a realistic impossibility for many small to medium-sized companies. in lots of instances, the talents your organisation desires are both tough to come back by way of or too steeply-priced. what is more, it may not be financially possible to rent a person for a complete or even element-time placement in case you don’t want their abilities continuously and consistently.

  1. Manage your budget extra correctly

Outsourcing to a digital advertising and marketing enterprise allows you to attain out to the abilities and understanding your agency wishes as and when it wishes them, it offers you a ways more manipulate over your budget. instead of employing a everlasting member of group of workers, outsourcing allows you to tap into an great choice of virtual marketing experts all around the global. you may be able to negotiate your prices and experience whole manage over your outgoings.

3. Benefit new perspectives

An in-house group is inherently restrained, therefore the reason their efforts might be better utilised through having them awareness on middle business operations. however, it’s also accurate to get some clean ideas and outsourcing helps to offer outside views which could deliver priceless insights into the today’s traits in the market. you might understand your business exceptional, however there is nothing wrong with getting a 2nd opinion.

  1. Meet time limits on time

With a solid advertising strategy in location, your enterprise can’t afford to stray due to the time barriers of an in-house team. each commercial enterprise has its closing dates, but meeting them on time won’t always be possible until you outsource positive jobs. the potential to work with expert digital marekting groups all around the world offers you the opportunity to meet your virtual marketing and content creation deadlines whenever.

  1. Provide your enterprise space to develop

Scalability is a key advantage of outsourcing as you’ll be capable of get work done whenever you want it. this degree of flexibility permits your in-residence personnel to recognition on the centre sports of the business while additionally providing you with greater control over your marketing price range. rather than investing in a lengthy recruitment marketing campaign, you will be able to depend upon a group of certified digital marketing specialists who will recognise a way to strategically manipulate your business’ advertising to make certain increase and durability.