7 quick wins to grow your business in 20/21

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New financial year. Time to refocus. If you haven’t pushed the reset button on your business yet, consider this a little friendly reminder from us.

We know it can be hard to break away from the day to day (especially if you’re a small business). If you’re a hands on business owner, you’re probably spending more time working in your business not on it. But, setting aside time to review and lock in some new goals, and streamline your processes all helps in the long run if you want your business to thrive.

Let’s explore a few things you might want to tackle this financial year.

Review your business financials

Are things looking up or down? Maintaining a stable and healthy business starts with getting on top of your financials and making sure everything is up to date. Forecasting can help you determine when might be the right time to consider expanding into new products/ services or growing your team. If the numbers don’t seem to be adding up, reach out to your accountant or financial advisor to assess your situation and the strategies you can put in place to bounce back.

Update your marketing plan

Where are you getting the most bang for your buck? If it’s been awhile since you reviewed your marketing activities, now would be a good time to revisit them in this current climate. Allocate more of your marketing budget to the areas that are getting you results. If you’re not investing much in digital marketing, consider shifting more of your focus in this space.

Redesign your website

Your digital presence has never been more important. You can never stop improving the quality and user experience of your website design, especially for mobile. A well-designed site will ensure visitors can find what they want quickly. You only have a few seconds to capture their attention before they’re likely to abandon you and move on, so it pays to get it right.

If you haven’t been optimising your site regularly, then you’re well overdue to give Perth’s website design experts a call!

Increase your web traffic with SEO

You can’t have a website these days and not put some focus on search engine optimisation (SEO). Who doesn’t want to increase their website’s traffic – the right kind of traffic that is. SEO takes time and a lot of effort we won’t lie, but it does give results!

Unless you have someone within your team dedicated to SEO, we recommend outsourcing this to an SEO expert. They can focus purely on growing your search engine presence and further enhance your website, while you get on with the more important stuff (not that SEO isn’t important!).

Keep your content fresh and updated by posting regular blogs. Blog content contributes to increasing your SEO and driving more traffic to your site.

You should also consider complementing your SEO efforts with paid advertising campaigns, to increase your exposure further and get some quick conversion wins under your belt.

Be present across other platforms

Today, it’s not enough to just have a website, it’s important to also have a positive social media presence, no matter what industry you’re in. It’s another way you can increase your profile online, build authority for your brand and create loyalty with customers. A solid social media strategy will ensure you’re on the right channels and targeting the right audience with relevant content.

Create high-quality videos – all the time!

It’s an area of digital marketing that is becoming more of an essential medium, not just a nice to have. It’s so easy to do these days and it’s no longer going to eat away at your budget. Having a regular stream of video content is a great way to promote your business and get instant gratification from those who consume your content.

Save time with automation

Now more than ever you should be looking at ways to streamline your processes to save time and money. Do you have a lot of administrative tasks that are manual and labour intensive? By adopting new technology and automating these processes, you’ll increase your efficiencies and productivity.

How we can help

Of course, we’re not saying you should to do it all on your own. Delegate and outsource the work that will chew up the majority of your time or require a certain level of expertise such as web design, SEO, digital marketing and content writing. This will free up your time to focus on the business strategy side of things and not get bogged down with the day to day.

Ready to put a reset on 2020 and put your business back into control? Get in touch with us.


Google’s May 2020 Core SEO Update explained

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The last time we touched on Google’s SEO algorithm updates was back in March, and as usual some sites were worse hit than others. The May 2020 Core Update announced on 4 May is no different.

Dubbed by many as the ‘Force Update’, ‘Corona Update’ or ‘Pandemic Update’, Google’s latest update has copped a lot of criticism around its timing, particularly when user search is down and businesses are being forced to shut up shop as a result of COVID-19. We’ve noticed SERP volatility go through the roof and there are more notable SEO casualties this time around. 

So, which industries were hit the hardest?

The biggest changes in rankings can be seen across travel, real estate, health, pets & animals, and people & society.

If you’ve noticed the performance drop in some of your pages, it doesn’t mean you’re being targeted, or that there’s anything wrong with your site. As we’ve mentioned before, Google’s algorithm changes are about improving how their systems assess content holistically. 

Google explains it like this:

“One way to think of how a core update operates is to imagine you made a list of the top 100 movies in 2015. A few years later in 2019, you refresh the list. It’s going to naturally change. Some new and wonderful movies that never existed before will now be candidates for inclusion. You might also reassess some films and realise they deserved a higher place on the list than they had before.

The list will change, and films previously higher on the list that move down aren’t bad. There are simply more deserving films that are coming before them.”

Makes sense. But then how do you strengthen your position to avoid a potential slip in rankings next time a core update comes around? 

It’s no secret. It’s all about producing quality content on your site and updating it regularly. Sounds simple and it is, if you invest the time in it.

In the case of SEO guru Neil Patel, he publishes around 4 articles a month to keep his site fresh. But then he also reviews his old content too, to make sure it’s still relevant for his audience – and it makes a difference. 

Let’s put some stats against this to further illustrate how important your content is. Neil Patel tracked 641 sites that update their old content regularly. Of these only 38 saw a dip in their organic search traffic of less than 10%. While on the flip side 187 sites saw an increase of at least 10% in their search traffic.

So it’s not necessarily about producing new content often. Making sure your existing content is constantly updated and relevant can go a long way. 

Now, Neil’s lucky enough to have a content team that looks after updating his old content. For many businesses that would be a dream, but that’s where outsourcing your content is always an easy option. And it could mean the difference between losing your SERP ranking or maintaining it.

Here’s a few things to think about when it comes to producing quality SEO content on your site:

  • Does your content provide original info about your products or services?
  • Is your content insightful beyond just the obvious content your competitors may already have on their websites?
  • Are your headings a true indication of what each page is about?
  • Is your content worthy of being shared? 

Have you checked your rankings lately? If you need to get on top of your SEO give Perth’s SEO experts a call today.

Top 10 digital marketing tools

How to make your marketing work during the COVID crisis

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The past couple of months has changed how we work, live and interact with one another. COVID-19 has put all us out of our comfort zone, with the domino effect being felt all over the world.

While businesses delivering essential services are flourishing, for many others it has meant physically closing their doors. With social distancing playing a huge impact, businesses have had to scramble and find new ways to keep their lights on.

Like many, you may have already put the brakes on your marketing and advertising spend in Q2. But don’t pack it all in. Now more than ever your digital presence needs to be felt and being socially proactive will make all the difference. 

The NBN reports data demand has increased by up to 80% during the daytime compared to February. Whether it’s for work or staying connected, everyone is jumping online. 

And that’s where you need to concentrate your efforts. 63% of marketers are changing up their messaging to be more brand and cause related. Because when all of this is over you still want to be remembered right?

So, how can you adapt to the current market and better serve your customers? Here’s a few ways.

Seize new opportunities

Get a little creative and think outside the box. Don’t be afraid to reinvent yourself to stay relevant.

Is there a new way you can deliver your service or product? If you’ve never offered your services online, now is the time to do so and potentially open up a new market for yourself.

Many fitness companies are evolving and moving their physical classes to virtual. Restaurants and cafes are thinking differently and offering online ordering, with one local café now serving up home delivered DIY pizza bases. They’ve also partnered up with supermarkets and bottle shops nearby. And it’s proving a hit!

Update your website 

Make sure your website homepage clearly communicates how your business is operating right now. Whether that’s making a booking online, having your phone number visible or installing a chat function, make it as easy as possible for customers to get in touch.

Review your brand messages and enhance your call to action. Creating new offers is a great way to provide added value and inspire confidence. And it doesn’t have to be big. For example, Toys “R” Us are offering free shipping to grandparents who buy toys for their grandchildren online.

Do you have a Google My Business listing, and if you do is it up to date? Not only will a listing help with your SEO it also gives users what they want to know.

We helped Pinjarra Bakery have launched an online store and they’ve have teamed up with local suppliers to offer a range of different products, from their award winning pPies to your everyday food essentials like milk and bread. 

Ramp up your social talk

Everyone’s staying connected via social media at the moment with people spending 20% more time on apps during lockdown. So whatever social channels you’re on, up your game to make the most impact.

Give live streaming a go with demos or a Q&A session to expand your reach. If you already sell products on your website, create a Facebook or Instagram shop and connect that to your online store for an easy shopping experience. 

Boost your email campaigns

Keeping in touch with customers via email is affordable and goes a long way. Be empathetic in your approach and send regular updates about changes to your business. Don’t do the hard sell, instead let your subscribers know how you can help them during this time and make your content click-worthy. Use your website or social media to encourage users to sign up to your mailing list.

Don’t drop the ball on SEO

You might be seeing your performance dropping as overall search demand has slowed down, but SEO is one area you shouldn’t stop concentrating on right now.

Search Engine Land reports Google Search Console has seen a significant drop in search impressions despite rankings remaining unchanged. The data confirms this isn’t an SEO ranking issue but a drop in search demand due to COVID-19.

With this in mind, consider carefully whether you pull the pin on your SEO, as it could impact on your organic rankings when search demand does return.

Push or pull your paid advertising?

Pausing your paid search campaigns for the time being could be a good move if you’re failing to get a positive return on ad spend (ROAS). Especially if your products and services aren’t high on the agenda for consumers right now. Instead, direct your marketing efforts to different channels where you’ll get more bang for your buck.

However, there is still potential in paid advertising. With advertisers bidding less, the bids in many industries are the lowest they’ve ever been, so if you can, take advantage and strike while the iron’s hot – if it’s worth your ROAS.

Not sure what to focus on to see you through these times? Get in touch with Perth’s digital marketing experts at Cloud Cartel – we’re here to help.

seo trends

4 key SEO moves to make in 2020

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Dominating the SERPs. It’s where every business owner with a website wants to be. And those with a robust SEO strategy can get there (or maybe already are). But the competitive game of SEO is constantly changing and what worked 5 years ago – even 1 year ago ain’t gonna work as well as it may have.

So how do you play your cards right in 2020 and up your SEO game? Here’s a few trends and tactics to think about.

Get on top of voice search

We know with more people using mobile search every day, and Google prioritising mobile first indexing for new sites that optimising for mobile is a must. Now add voice search to the mix, and getting it all right on mobile devices is even more crucial.

Most mobile device users will perform searches while on the go and increasingly through voice search (thanks to virtual assistants). There’s no time to scroll, or like a voice search you’ll only be read one result, making that top spot on the SERPs even more valuable.

When you consider voice search, longtail keywords are more important because the query is conversational and mimics this. Your content should cater for longtail queries and start to address questions behind queries triggering featured snippets.

Optimise for featured snippets

There is a spot higher than #1! Dubbed position 0 or Rank Zero, featured snippets is where the competition is. 

Featured snippets refer to Google search results found at the top of a SERP showing a summary of a webpage, which directly answers a query. With featured snippets you don’t need to rank #1 to earn this spot (although securing both is a major boost for your conversions). 

Structuring your web content with quality answers about frequently asked questions is the way to go. Start by researching current featured snippets for your top queries and build it into your SEO strategy.

Prioritise semantic search and intent

If Google prioritises search intent, so should you. These days Google goes beyond the exact string of words typed into a search box and focuses on the context of the search and possible user intent to achieve accurate results. Google wants us to create content that solves problems, so let’s do it.

If you want to get an idea of how this works, perform your own search and see how Google interprets it. Speak to an SEO expert like Cloud Cartel to discover how you can optimise for search intent.

Structure your data

Many SEO experts share the common belief that the key to improving your ranking in 2020 is to get your structured data right. Why? Because it helps Google understand your content better.

Structured data is code written in the Schema.org format, that effectively provides detailed info about your webpage to Google in a way it will understand. Google then uses this to create rich snippets in your search results. You don’t need technical knowledge to implement your structured data, but it does help to have someone who knows what they’re doing to give you the best results.

Need help optimising your site? Get in touch with Perth’s SEO experts at Cloud Cartel to boost your search rankings.


seo web design

8 tips for designing an SEO friendly website

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Everyone wants to be number one in Google. But getting there organically takes time. Many businesses overlook the importance of SEO when designing a new website and see it as an afterthought. But the sooner you start with SEO, the easier it will be in the long run.

Here’s 8 things to tick off to ensure an SEO friendly site from the get-go.

It all begins with good site structure

Before you even start to consider colours, fonts and graphics you should really think about your site structure.

As SEO guru Neil Patel puts it, “A good site structure means great user experience… and the more appealing your site is to users, the more search engines will like it too.”

Google pulls information from searches to help rank your site. And if your site is low on click throughs and dwell time, then it’s only going to hinder your search rankings.

A hierarchical site architecture is easiest for Google to crawl, but you need to make sure your category names and pages that follow are relevant.

A good site structure will:

  • Provide your site with site links 
  • Improve the crawlability of your site

Design for mobile first

Why do we still keep designing websites for desktop computers when Google clearly favours websites offering a seamless mobile experience? There are over 5 billion mobile phone users in the world who spend more than half their time browsing the internet on mobile devices. And it’s only going to increase, so designing for mobile first – considering mobile users’ needs first is the way to go.

A fast site is a happy site

Keep your website fast. Don’t focus too much on a complex design that requires lots of images or flash content. Although it looks nice, it can slow down your site. Slow loading sites create frustration for users who will only abandon your site if it doesn’t load quickly enough. 

What’s this got to do with SEO? The more people who abandon your site, the higher your bounce rate will be. Google penalise sites with high bounce rates, so keep your design simple, compress your images and add alt tags to make sure they’re SEO friendly.

Keep your code clean

Excessive code can also slow down your site and make it hard for Google’s spiders who are crawling your site for content. Simple things like adding all scripts and CSS files are external files make a difference to your SEO health.

Create unique pages with high quality content

Don’t double up on content. Google rates high quality content, and if you duplicate content across your site, you run the risk of being penalised. Spend time creating relevant content on your site for the user and the SEO benefits will naturally follow.

Enrich your meta data

This is SEO 101. Meta data is what you see on search engine results pages (SERPs) when your website appears during a search query. Include descriptions that are keyword rich and attract users to your site. The key tags to consider are:

  1. Title tag: specifies the title of a web page for search engines and users. It’s found in the search engine results pages as a clickable link.
  2. Meta description: Features below the title and provides a summary of what your page is about.
  3. Alternative Text (Alt) tag: Search engines can’t read images, so adding an explanation of what an image is ensures it will be indexed properly.

Be original with your visual content

Google knows if your website is the first to publish an image or video, so use your own original visual content where possible. Adding videos (in moderation) to your site also increases time spent on your site, which can only improve the SEO strength in your site design.

Start a blog

Creating a blog on your website means you’ll be publishing fresh content often, which search engines love. It also gives you a distinct SEO advantage to other sites who don’t update or add content on a regular basis. A blog will naturally attract search engine traffic and increase the size of your site over time, which can benefit your website authority and leverage the number of internal links across your site.

These are just a few SEO considerations, if you want to know more about how Cloud Cartel can create an SEO friendly website for your business, give our team a hola today.

SEO insights: The latest on all things Google algorithms

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Google tweaks its ranking algorithms all the time. Sometimes we don’t even notice, other times it can really cause a stir and significantly affect the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Recall Fred, Mobilegeddon, RankBrain and Panda?

Staying on top of Google’s major updates can help to explain any changes to your search rankings and steer improvements in your SEO game.

What are the latest algorithm updates in 2020 that might be impacting your site? Let’s find out.

January 2020 broad core update – 13 January

A Google core update is usually performed every quarter. It involves Google adjusting its main search ranking algorithm with the aim of providing more relevant and useful search results to users.

In January, Google rolled out its first broad core update for the year, which included a new look for desktop search results. Each time an update like this occurs, Google reviews the search ranking of websites based on expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness.

The key takeaway from this update was to keep following Google’s usual standards in producing high quality content and user experiences. So, if you found your website rankings dropped as a result of this update, take a look at which competitors are ranking ahead of you in terms of their content, and think about how you can go one better.

Google also says, pages that drop in rankings following a core update aren’t necessarily doing anything wrong. The changes are essentially about improving how their systems evaluate content across the board. As a result, it may see sites who have previously had their content overlooked or have been publishing new content since the last core update, now move up in the ranks.

Featured snippets update – 23 January

In this release, Google announced URLs displayed in the featured snippet won’t show up again within the first 10 organic search results. Previously, any URLs that held the featured snippet position would also be likely to feature in the organic results that follow. This update now eliminates any repetition in search results in an effort to help users locate relevant information more easily.

Seems fair right? The only issue here is some searchers ignore the featured snippet thinking it’s a paid ad. Those sites who will now only appear in the snippet, might lose out on traffic and notice a drop in click through rates as a result. In time people may realise that the featured snippet is essentially the top organic position.

We’ll share more algorithm updates throughout the year as they come. In the meantime if you need to get your SEO game in order, give the SEO experts at Cloud Cartel a hola.

5 ways to improve your website design in 2020

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Last year marked 30 years since the web first dropped in, and the space continues to evolve at a rapid rate. Same goes for website design, with designers continuing to stretch their creativity and develop sites that stay true to functionality and user experience. 

Finding it hard to keep up with the constant change in trends to keep your business relevant and stand out from a crowd of template-based websites? Get inspired with these web design trends predicted to surface this year across Perth business websites. 


1. Less is more


If 2019 was monochromatic, 2020 is all about the black and white, with not much more. A black and white focus lends itself to a simple, clean, crisp and ultra-modern looking site, which is great if your brand is a trendsetter. 

Stripping back how much imagery you use and focusing more on how you apply text and typography will also enhance your modest site design, and make everything that much more ‘skimmable’.

How you can make your web design more minimalist but cool:

  • Make typography shine in your hero area (above the fold section)
  • Be more daring with outlined typography
  • Don’t be afraid to make your typography bigger and bolder to stand out
  • Convert your images to greyscale 

If you’re not sold on the black and white, keep an eye out for new colour schemes emerging.  


2. Custom illustrations


Using illustrations on websites isn’t a new concept, but there’s a growing trend with businesses using custom created illustrations. Having unique graphics means you won’t have to worry about them popping up on another site!

How to use illustrations in your website design:

  • Swap over less authentic stock images with bespoke illustrations 
  • Incorporate your brand colours in your illustrations
  • Integrate illustrations with photography or animation to really attract attention
  • Utilise hand drawn design elements to make it imperfectly perfect


3. Creating 3D like depth


Utilising 3D technology in web design is slowly moving mainstream as it starts to become more cost effective. But fear not, there are other ways you can mimic this and create an immersive 3D like experience for your audience.

How you can create a pseudo 3D effect on your website:

  • Make use of floating elements to add interest and depth
  • Incorporate drop shadows and layer elements on top of each other


4. Talk to me


As users are increasingly turning to mobile for searching online, it was only a matter of time that voice search would gain traction. 

What you can do:

  • If you have a WordPress website you can add voice search capabilities
  • Review your page speed as this can impact voice search results
  • Concentrate on using language similar to what the average person would say


5. Instagram personalisation beyond the badge


Connect and engage your brand with customers by harnessing the power of user generated content. That should be a given these days right, but there’s still many businesses out there that aren’t making use of their IG platform to inspire their website design.

There are many strategies out there to integrate Instagram in your web design, just make sure you have substantial followers to truly leverage the platform and make it relevant for your audience.

Some ways you can use IG in your web design:

  • Create ‘editorial’ style content with a subtle look book that feeds from your IG account but doesn’t look like it does
  • For e-commerce sites, if you haven’t integrated ‘shop our Instagram’ it’s time you did

Are you a Perth business who needs a trending touch for your website design? Get in touch with Perth’s best website designers at the Cartel today!

How Your Business Can Write off the Cost of a New Website

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If you’ve been thinking about having a website designed to remain competitive but never had the budget, you might be pleased to hear you can with a $30,000 tax break.

The Instant Asset Write Off Scheme has been around for a few years now, and the recent extension announced by the Federal Government’s 2019-20 Budget is making it an even sweeter deal for more businesses.

Surprisingly, not many businesses have previously taken up the offer due to lack of awareness about the scheme, but we’re here to tell you that if you’re eligible, you can immediately claim the cost of developing or redesigning your website.

A huge boost for your business right?

What is the Instant Asset Write Off Scheme?

Back in 2015, the Federal Government included in their Budget an instant asset write off that allows small businesses (businesses with an annual turnover of less than $10 million) to immediately write off depreciable assets up to the value of $20,000. A big jump from the original $1,000 write off!

This is different to the standard tax deductions you can receive for making purchases for your business, because you can instantly claim the deduction within the same income year as the asset was purchased.

What has changed and who is eligible?

The government has since given the scheme a boost by extending it until 30 June 2020, and increasing the threshold to a generous $30,000. Medium sized businesses with a turnover of up to $50 million can now also benefit.

What does this mean for your business?

If your business qualifies, you can instantly claim the cost of assets purchased for your business up to the value of $30,000 within the same financial year, provided your new asset is first used, installed or ready to use that same year.

For example, if you make a purchase in June 2019, but it won’t be installed or used until October 2019, you won’t be able to write it off.

In addition if the asset you purchase is also for personal use, you can only claim the percentage used strictly for business purposes.

So if you’re looking to invest in a new website, you can enjoy immediate tax relief and accelerated depreciation claims with a website tax deduction for your website build. If you’re unsure whether you’re eligible, check with your accountant for information on your individual circumstances.

EOFY is just around the corner, so now is the time to take advantage of the instant asset write off and give your business a competitive edge with a professionally designed website by Cloud Cartel.

Our web design specialists can develop a website that speaks your language, provides a fresh user experience and generates more leads to help drive your business. Get in touch with us today!


New Strategies to Utilise in Your Digital Marketing Plan

By | Digital Marketing, Digital Consulting

In a digital marketing plan, it’s so important to figure out different ways to engage with customers and become more visible online. You should be continuously honing and streamlining your marketing plan to get better results. You should never have the same plan for more than a few months at a time, as things change very quickly.

Things in the digital marketing industry evolve fast, so your strategies must evolve with it if you’re going to stay ahead of your competitors. Below, we have some new strategies that you should consider utilising in your digital marketing plan. Take a look and see what you can do this year to get better results:

Create Targeted Content

Content will always be king, and creating targeted content will ensure you’re reaching the people who are actually looking at your pages. You should put a lot more emphasis on quality, and make sure you target the age groups, industries, interests, and demographics of the people you want to attract. Posting lots of information that just isn’t targeted to your audience won’t do. Quality over quantity. Ask yourself, what will your audience find interesting? What questions are they likely asking?

When your content is more relevant, you will get much better results overall.

Start Video Marketing

Videos help to tell your brand story far more effectively, and they are an extremely popular way for brands to get their message across today. If you’re not using videos in your marketing plan, you’re already behind! YouTube isn’t the only way to watch them – brands with a brand video on their social media channels will get more engagement, too. These videos are also effective on channels like Instagram and on your own website. You just need to figure out how you’re going to put up more videos in a way that will suit your audience and align with your brand. Will you go live, do them with your smartphone, or have them professionally produced? A good strategy is key to getting this right!

Focus On Personalised Emails

Generic emails are a huge no-no in this day and age; customers want to feel special, so you have to personalise your communications with them. Personalising emails should be a priority to you in 2019, so make sure you find out as much about your audience as you can. Sending a reward on their birthday, for example, can go a long way! If you make a mistake – for example, call them by the wrong name, make sure you own up to it and apologise. This does happen, especially when you’re using software to email lots of people at once.

Use Facebook Marketing Strategies

There’s a lot to be gained from Facebook marketing. You can use live video, or even use the new advertising platform created by Facebook. Businesses can use this platform to direct their paid traffic to a lead generation form!

Incorporate Customer Reviews

Search results pages are already reflecting customer rankings, so asking for customer reviews is a must if you want to let everybody know how fantastic your business is. Bear in mind that your audience probably won’t give you a review unless you actually ask for it, so be polite. 68% of customers were more likely to leave a review if they were asked. You shouldn’t offer an incentive though, as this is a conflict of interest. Make sure you implement a process to gather feedback and figure out which review system works best for your business, as there are multiple options that could potentially work. Make sure you reach out so you can gain new reviews regularly. Don’t expect people just to leave them.

Make Sure You Have The Option To Live Chat

Live chat allows you to connect with customers as soon as they are ready to speak to you. Chatbots can make it easier to provide answers, and you can integrate chatbots with your website, and then program and customise them so they will fit your brand perfectly. They have to suit your brand image and the message you are trying to convey. Make sure your chatbots are customised to provide the information that your audience wants in seconds – live chat is even better, but this may not be possible all the time, for whatever reason. Your audience should be able to find the answers that they want as quickly as possible.

Will you be incorporating these new strategies into your digital marketing plan this year? You should be! Don’t wait; start using these strategies and get better results almost immediately.

Whats Trending in Web Design in 2019

By | Website Design

Here at Cloud Cartel, we’re always keen to stay updated with the hottest web design trends. It’s one of the many reasons we’re sought after for web design in Perth! Each year, we find there are certain things that either make a comeback or blast onto the scene for the first time. So, here’s what’s trending in 2019:

Glitch art

This is comfortably one of our favourite trends as glitch art is so unique. It’s this idea of something technical going wrong. For example, a computer screen glitching out and causing a crazy warped look. This is being incorporated into web design by creating aspects of sites that have this glitchy design. It draws the user’s attention as they naturally assume that something has gone wrong and glitched out. But, they soon realise it’s all part of the incredible design.

Glitch art is unique, funky, and can be played around with in so many ways. As such, it’s definitely a trend to look out for.


These days, you can expect to see minimalist web design taken to new heights. People don’t want to be bombarded with loads of different colours, shapes, or content. Instead, they want simple and plain designs – particularly on homepages.

This doesn’t mean all website will become boring – it just means they’ll be simpler, and easier for people to use.

Video content

2019 is the year where website owners realise the real power of video content. Therefore, a web design trend will be learning how to design sites to fit around awesome video content. It’s not just about the visual elements, but also ensuring the site is designed to still be fast and functional while playing high-definition video.

We’ve already seen some unique designs, such as featuring the video content as the moving background of a homepage. Video animations are also going to be very big this year.


We’ve all seen those little chatbots that appear on websites – normally in the bottom right corner. You click on them, and a box pops up where you can chat to a customer support member or advisor – whatever. In 2019, they’re gaining popularity faster than you can think. As a result, this means chatbot designs are changing and becoming more and more complex.

Instead of a boring message box, we’re going to see more and more elaborate designs that really reflect the identity of individual brands. We think that we’ll probably see people try and design them to look like actual robots or android assistants as well – which will be pretty cool!

Websites for thumbs

Lastly, the mobile web design trend of the year is going to be thumbs. Basically, we’ll start seeing mobile sites that are designed to be easy for you to navigate using your thumb. This is how most people scroll through sites on their phones, so it makes sense.

Expect to see little changes to mobile web design – like the menu buttons moving from top to bottom for easier thumb access.

There are plenty of web design trends to look forward to this year, but these are our favourites.

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