5 ways to improve your website design in 2020

5 ways to improve your website design in 2020

Last year marked 30 years since the web first dropped in, and the space continues to evolve at a rapid rate. Same goes for website design, with designers continuing to stretch their creativity and develop sites that stay true to functionality and user experience.

Finding it hard to keep up with the constant change in trends to keep your business relevant and stand out from a crowd of template-based websites? Get inspired with these web design trends predicted to surface this year across Perth business websites.

1. Less is more

If 2019 was monochromatic, 2020 is all about the black and white, with not much more. A black and white focus lends itself to a simple, clean, crisp and ultra-modern looking site, which is great if your brand is a trendsetter.

Stripping back how much imagery you use and focusing more on how you apply text and typography will also enhance your modest site design, and make everything that much more ‘skimmable’.

How you can make your web design more minimalist but cool:
  • Make typography shine in your hero area (above the fold section)
  • Be more daring with outlined typography
  • Don’t be afraid to make your typography bigger and bolder to stand out
  • Convert your images to greyscale

If you’re not sold on the black and white, keep an eye out for new colour schemes emerging.

2. Custom illustrations

Using illustrations on websites isn’t a new concept, but there’s a growing trend with businesses using custom created illustrations. Having unique graphics means you won’t have to worry about them popping up on another site!

How to use illustrations in your website design:
  • Swap over less authentic stock images with bespoke illustrations
  • Incorporate your brand colours in your illustrations<
  • Integrate illustrations with photography or animation to really attract attention
  • Utilise hand drawn design elements to make it imperfectly perfect

3. Creating 3D like depth

Utilising 3D technology in web design is slowly moving mainstream as it starts to become more cost effective. But fear not, there are other ways you can mimic this and create an immersive 3D like experience for your audience.

How you can create a pseudo 3D effect on your website:
  • Make use of floating elements to add interest and depth
  • Incorporate drop shadows and layer elements on top of each other>

4. Talk to me

As users are increasingly turning to mobile for searching online, it was only a matter of time that voice search would gain traction.

What you can do:
  • If you have a WordPress website you can add voice search capabilities
  • Review your page speed as this can impact voice search results
  • Concentrate on using language similar to what the average person would say

5. Instagram personalisation beyond the badge

Connect and engage your brand with customers by harnessing the power of user generated content. That should be a given these days right, but there’s still many businesses out there that aren’t making use of their IG platform to inspire their website design.

There are many strategies out there to integrate Instagram in your web design, just make sure you have substantial followers to truly leverage the platform and make it relevant for your audience.

Some ways you can use IG in your web design:
  • Create ‘editorial’ style content with a subtle look book that feeds from your IG account but doesn’t look like it does
  • For e-commerce sites, if you haven’t integrated ‘shop our Instagram’ it’s time you did

Are you a Perth business who needs a trending touch for your website design? Get in touch with Perth’s best website designers at the Cartel today!



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